As you can understand by the name, the LinkedIn automation tool is a device that encompasses certain software that is composed to automatically reach out to the potential leads, helps in connecting with them and having an engaging conversation, sending messages, and following the consumer’s pages so that you can know everything about them. There are consumption patterns and requirements and accordingly, you can push your products towards them. These are the things that can be accomplished just by implementing linked automation in your business.

The Top 3 LinkedIn Automation Tools are:

  • Meet Alfred
  • Social Pilot
  • Linked Helper
  1. Meet Alfred:

Meet Alfred is one of the most valuable LinkedIn automation tools that direct end-to-end social selling campaigns. In Social selling, you need to provide the right message at the right time to the right consumers, so a tool that can drive personalized information on a platform like LinkedIn. By implementing Meet Alfred you can automate such conversations yet maintain the importance of personalization active in your messages.

The Best Features of Meet Alfred:

  • With the help of Meet Alfred, you can send numerous connection requests to your connections in a few moments. One can even mail bulk messages by installing the Meet Alfred app on chrome. You will also be able to send notifications to your connections, keeping the message personalized.
  • It is also used to maximize engagement and conversions from the connections you have made on LinkedIn. By using its CRM functions you can build and operate several LinkedIn campaigns for your LinkedIn audience base to keep attached and committed with your company/brand.
  • Meet Alfred also has an additional feature of having email and Twitter integration built-in.
  • Meet Alfred also provides live chat support which implies you can get faster answers by communicating with someone in real-time. Meet Alfred is extremely simple to use, has an incredible interface and is a time saver sent from above. The assistance team reacts promptly and does everything feasible to solve your problems. From my own experience, I can assure you that Meet Alfred is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools available in the market right now with all the added features and benefits.

Advantages of Using Meet Alfred:

  • You will be fully aware of your LinkedIn campaigns’ real-time performance. You can retrieve actionable insights by just logging into the dashboard. Optimize your campaigns is also available according to your follower base. and you can also keep track of each of your leads. Simply by tracking them you can understand their choices and interests.
  • If you have exceeded the total limits if invitations are sent then it will auto-detects and starts providing you Linkedin warnings.

Pricing: It has three packages to offer. You can also opt for a 21 Days free trial.

  • Essential starts from $29/month
  • Advance starts from $49/month
  • Professional starts from $79/month.
  1. Social Pilot:

Social Pilot is a simple social media management and marketing platform. It helps you to create and implement your social media work from the ground up. Social Pilot manages all your work such as automating and scheduling your posts or even maintaining your group’s online status. With the help of these features, you can manage our linked in account properly.

The Best Features of a Social Pilot are:

  • You can also get a complete overview of your LinkedIn company page by the use of Social Pilot. The perceptions that the tool brings for you help you set accomplishment standards. 
  • You get to view your page performance on metrics like the total number of followers you have, the number of updates you have made, clicks and engagement growth, click-through-rates etc.

Advantages of Using Social Pilot are:

  • Social Pilot enables you to develop additional engaging channel-specific posts. By simply enabling Social Pilot’s LinkedIn publishing elements, you can post images or select from the page URL you are posting in just a few moments. There is also an option for attaching videos,  gifs, infographics, etc., in your copy to make your content more interesting and attractive. 
  • Social Pilot is also an intelligent reporting capability to generate visually alluring reports. If you want you can also add Graphs and charts to these reports and not much time is wasted. You can also help your customers to receive a substance of your LinkedIn marketing without any additional numbers.

Pricing: They also provide a free 14-day trial. The packages that they provide are

  • Agency $125/month
  • Studio $ 85/month
  • Small Team $42.5 /month
  • Professional $25.50/month

3.  Linked Helper:

With the help of Linked Helper, you can do your LinkedIn automation improving your brand visibility on this social media channel. You can automatically promote your connections, even if the list is very long within no time. In return, the brands that you have promoted are also going to endorse your company or brand as well. As an outcome, your brand/company’s sight on LinkedIn will go up and with the lowest action. Linked Helper’s auto mailing system is a feature that you can use to keep your communication going with business partners open 24/7. This characteristic personalizes all information or exchange that goes out from your LinkedIn profile to your connection.

The Best Features of Linked In Helper are:

  • Evolve the Network: You can easily invite your second and third party contacts just with a message. This helps to connect you with every individual that is out there and where you can have a chance of setting up your business.
  • Establishing Message Chains: Once you start using you will automatically get responses that you can send to your future prospects. You can stay connected with a lot of consumers at the same time and you don’t even have to face any difficulty. 
  • Save Contacts to establish CRM: Here the users can simply organize and control their Linkedin connections and top consumers on the lead funnel with a helpful CRM system.

Advantages of using Linked Helper:

  • LinkedIn Helper is very simple and easy to use. This is good if you are new to this business and are trying it out for the first time. The dashboards are also very explicitly explained with several av features available and once can implement them in their business.
  • Linked In Helper also allows you to scale your LinkedIn outreach.

Pricing: 14-Days Trial is available

  • Starting From $15/month by Subscription


Just discovered that LinkedIn might be an honest marketing platform for your company? That’s great. However, you would possibly be confused about getting started with LinkedIn marketing. Now , you’ll need a tool that takes away the pain of getting to publish multiple posts across different time zones for various clients.

We suggest you automate your LinkedIn social media marketing with a tool like Alfred. At a pocket-friendly price, you’ll quickly start with content marketing customized for your LinkedIn audience. The simplest part of using such automated software will maximize your reach with non spammy intent.

Starting with an intuitive tool eases content planning and publishing, gives complete engagement insights and helps you manage all of your marketing efforts on LinkedIn to make sure that the channel wins you the type of engagement you’re hoping for.