The COVID-19 Pandemic took the world suddenly by storm in 2020, and establishments were affected badly. However, as your restaurant continues to adapt to many new changes to stay afloat, it is important to update your regular and potential customers.

You can send them mobile messages, emails and update your site; however, you can also use an effective, bold strategy like restaurant banners.

Use restaurant banners to communicate during the Pandemic

Restaurant banners will let your customers know the following-

  1. Your operational hours – You can communicate the opening hours of your restaurant to your customers. In this way, you will know you are still open for business.
  • State services – To curb the risks of COVID-19, the FDA has issued specific guidelines for food management. Due to the above changes, you can inform your customers about your services, like online orders, contact-free deliveries, and more.

Your banner will communicate the different types of services your restaurant offers for your customer to know before placing orders online or visiting the premises.

  • Boost safety – What safety protocols are your restaurants taking? Customers need reassurance about their food being prepared and safely handled. Your staffs are indeed using safety equipment. However, it does not hurt to remind your restaurant patrons again.

 You can advertise the use of delivery bags that are resistant to tampering or deliver from a menu with limited food items. Restaurant banners effectively help you to promote safety precautions to your present and potential customers.

  • Market your restaurant’s philanthropic efforts – Are you currently running any special events or promotions now? You might be waiving charges for delivery or donate a dollar of every restaurant purchase to local charities.

At the same time, you might be using sustainable packaging to save the planet. You may want to remind patrons about your business employing members of the local community.

In short, you can let people know about how your restaurant is giving back to the community and how your business cares about the environment.

Promoting all your philanthropic efforts with a well-designed restaurant banner communicates to your customer that you are a business that is responsible and concerned about the community.

What are the best types of restaurant banners for you to use?

Now the question arises, what type of restaurant banners should you use? Should you use a feather banner or an A-Frame banner? What fonts and colours should you use on the banner? How can you make the template of your message stand out in the crowd?

These questions and many more exist when you decide to create restaurant banners for promotion campaigns.

The domain of restaurant banners for your business is extensive. There are several options for you to choose from for design, text, colour, templates, size etc. However, your banner will only work when it is eye-catching with the right balance of all the elements.

The banner should be easy for everyone to read, even from a distance. It should be designed professionally with the right colour palette and template for optimal success!