Your business card is the face of your company and is a primary conversation starter. No matter how small or big it is, it needs to invoke an everlasting impression. Imagine sitting down with 50 business cards in front of you. You will only choose the ones that stand out. Now, the next question is, what makes a business card stand out from the rest?

Marketing experts speak

Experts in promotion and marketing say a business card stands out from the rest only it is unique. Given below are the key factors that make a business card unique enough to invoke positive first impressions and long-lasting business-

  • Weight – When you want to create an everlasting impression with your business card, the card’s weight ensures you use heavier paper for the card. This makes a big difference as it stands out from its lighter counterparts in a person’s pocket.
  • Shape and size – Try to get creative and make a business card with a shape and size that is non-standard. However, you should not go overboard with them. The shape and size of the business card need to be sleek, and it is cutting good. So, rely on professional companies that have proven track records when it comes to creating business cards with unique shapes and sizes.
  • Personalization – Do not clutter your business card. Create and leave some white space. You can often use this space to write a short personal note to the person you have given the card to. For example, you can write something like- “Nice to meet you, George. Met you at the XYZ Event”. This goes the extra mile when it comes to creating a personalized message.
  • Event oriented – To create an everlasting impression, make some custom cards in small batches for events, networking workshops, exhibitions, and business fairs you will attend. For example, if you are attending a trade fair, you can print 500 unique business cards for that specific event. This permits you to reach out to a specific targeted audience who would be attending the trade fair on that day. You must have an adequate number of business cards so that they do not fall short when you are distributing them to potential business partners, vendors, and other attendees at the fair.
  • Logo – Never forget to print your logo on the business card. Make sure your business logo has been professionally designed. It should not put people off. The logo should not be too colorful, and it should be printed clearly.

The above are some powerful factors that will make your business card unique and stand out in the market with success. However, experts in the field of promotion and marketing caution, you should never overload your business card with too much information. This will make the recipient get lost in the web of information, and he/she will keep your business card aside. Focus on your sales approach. Make information short and powerful so that the recipient reaches out to you with an offer or an acceptance of service soon!