Although this pandemic continues to bring so much uncertainty to the state of the economy and businesses around the world, many small business owners are establishing new ways to operate as safely as possible. 

If you provide services like general contracting, plumbing, landscaping, health and wellness, cleaning, and home care among others, you’ll want to ensure clients you’re following every possible safety precaution. Being transparent about the steps you’re taking to keep them and your employees safe when you enter their home or welcome them into your establishment, will help build trust and hopefully ensure return business.  

To help create a plan that works for your business, we thought we’d share this printable checklist that covers everything from CDC guidelines, pre-screening and follow-up questions, as well as sector-specific resources to keep you informed of additional recommended precautions for your industry. Share this checklist with your team to ensure any client-facing employee is following the same safety protocols when they provide services.  

Business Re-Opening Checklist-01
Business Re-Opening Checklist-02
Business Re-Opening Checklist-03
Business Re-Opening Checklist-04
Business Re-Opening Checklist-05
Business Re-Opening Checklist-06
Business Re-Opening Checklist-07
Business Re-Opening Checklist-08
Business Re-Opening Checklist-09
Business Re-Opening Checklist-010
Business Re-Opening Checklist-011
Business Re-Opening Checklist-012