Graduation can be one of the biggest moments of your life, but also the most stressful. You may be wondering where you want to move, what you’d like to do with your degree, or what budget you may need to reach financial success. Heck, you may even be wondering all of the above. When you get your diploma, the world is now your oyster. You’re able to finally take what you have learned and apply it to your career. You’re ready for the big leap of faith and hope that you hit the ground running. 

During uncertain times, you may find yourself stressing about this more than normal. From figuring out what area you’d like to apply your degree, to moving across the country, or even learning how to live on your own. Sometimes, getting your feet on the ground can be a little shocking. Even though college may have taught you a lot, there may have been some things that have fallen through the cracks. From how to manage your life, money, and passionate projects like a boss. 

If you’ve been wanting to learn a little more while spending this time at home, don’t fret. Mint’s created a go-to infographic with nine TED Talks takeaways for each personality. 

TED talks