If you are an owner of a business that sells international products, or even just a regular person who likes to buy items via online means like E-Bay, Alibaba, or online shopping applications, chances are, your items have gone through the process of logistics by a freight forwarding company.

A freight forwarder is the one who organizes shipments for individuals or corporations to get their goods to their desired destination, whether it be a manufacturer, a customer, or seller of the goods.

A wide range of items can be carried by freight forwarding. However, there are some restrictions like weapons, drugs, alcohol, perishable items, and dangerous goods that could harm the health and safety of others.

Freight forwarders not only manage your items to be delivered by your doorsteps; they also handle customer clearance, international/domestic import and export documentation, insurance, packing, storage, and inventory management.

Hiring a freight forwarder has several benefits. Freight forwarders are an advantage to your business because freight forwarders will make sure that the products get to you at the soonest time possible. Freight forwarders are also cost-free due to their nature of delivery. Since shipping companies deliver items in bulk, freight forwarders can negotiate for discounts with the carriers if you build good relationships with them.

However, just like any other industry, freight forwarding’s name is being tainted by the crimes done by fraudulent freight forwarders. Stealing of cargo goods is among the most rampant case of criminal activity in the freight forwarding industry.

Shipment and freight theft are the most common reason for this because syndicates can easily sell the stolen goods at a much lower price to stores or even individuals. However, cargo theft is not the only crime these kinds of people can do. There are more illicit activities that they engage in; the good news is you can prevent this. By reading this infographic from Excelsior, you can be more cautious in hiring a freight forwarding business.

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