Making handmade gifts for your beloved woman will surely make her feel more special because of the time you spent making something with your own hands to show her how much you love her. These handmade gift ideas will help you find that special gift to make for your woman. If you have the passion, skills and creativity, starting a crafting store business is also a good venture to start.

earring organizerHomemade Earring Organizer
This homemade earring organizer is creative, fun, and easy!
If you or someone you know loves to wear earrings, but can never find the matching set, then this is the perfect solution! Hang it on the wall or set it on top of your dresser, this earring rack will ensure that you will never misplace your favorite pair again!

cargo scarfCargo Scarf: Free your hands, and your mind will follow!
As much as I love purses, they’re a pain. Aside from getting dropped, lost, and snatched on a regular basis, they almost always leave their carrier without a free hand for everyday tasks. A cargo scarf is the perfect, inconspicuous way to hold all your small essentials–keys, cash, pens, cigs, cell phone–without tying up your hands. Plus, it helps you stay warm on cold nights all year round.

sew easy pursesSew Easy Purse – It’s Reversible!
This is a great project for anyone who has not done much sewing. There are no fancy stitches. No buttons, zippers or tricky bits either. This is great purse, because it’s reversible too. So if your plans change, just flip it inside out and have a completely different look.

snuggieMake Your Own Snuggie
Now you can make your own Snuggie style blanket with this free pattern!

Tired of the weird color choices and less-than-plush fabric the commercial Snuggies offer you? Finally, you can make your own out of any color and pattern you choose!

delicious chapsticksDelicious Chocolate Chapstick Honey Balm
I used to wait till my kids were sleeping to slather vaseline over their chapped lips because they hated any kind of moisturizer. So I invented this recipe to tempt them into voluntarily using chapstick, but it’s so tasty and moisturizes so well I now make it for myself. The kids love it too.

homemade sunscreenHomemade Sunscreen
Make your own sunscreen with this easy recipe. Sunscreen is intended to shield your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. These can cause premature aging, and more tragically, skin cancer. But commercial suncreens often involve more nasty chemicals than necessary.

duct tape zipper pouch
No-Sew Duct Tape Zipper Pouch
Take your duct tape skills to the next level with this great zippered pouch.
The interior is water-proof, making this bag great for carrying, pens, make-up, whatever you can imagine.

paper flowers
Simple Paper Flowers
This is a low cost solution to having beautiful flowers at hand for your home, grannies, postal service delivery persons, weddings, and so on. They are very easy to make and look amazing when completed!

mat hair ornament
Three-hitch mat hair ornament
This instructable aims to show you how to make a nice hair ornament by tying a three-hitch mat. Complete it with a chopstick, or a handcarved stick, to complete the ensemble.

millefiori usb flash drive jewelMake a millefiori USB flash drive jewel
This millefiori USB flash drive makes a great present for friends (or for yourself). With a polymer clay casing you can give the memory stick a very individual appearance. Each one is different and you can personalize by using the wearer’s favorite colour combinations.

bath bombsHow To: Make Bath Bombs
Everybody loves bath bombs. It is like taking a bath in champagne, only without the show tunes and chorus boys. They are fairly simple to make, keeping in mind that the strangest things can make a batch go weird; humidity, room temperature, oil viscosity, the moon rising in the seventh house of Aquarius . . . they are a mysterious wonder.

chocolate bath bombsChocolate Bath Melts – The chocolate that’s good for your thighs
Bath melts are fruit or nut butter melts for soaking in the tub. The added ingredients will leave your skin soft, detoxified and smelling terrific.This particular batch I made for valentine’s presents, hence the chocolate scent and red foil wrap. You can scent them with any essential oil or fragrance, and do them in any mold, even an ice cube tray.

paper bead braceletMake a RECYCLED PAPER BEAD Bracelet!
Looking for a fast, inexpensive recycled project that you will love wearing or giving as a gift? TRY MAKING PAPER RECYCLED BEADS! Turn junk mail,magazines, brochures, last year’s calendars, and gift wrapping paper into cool beads that may be used for bracelets or necklaces.

paper bead necklaceWavy Cut Paper Bead How-To
I love making paper beads for use on my art dolls and for jewelry. I found that zig zag blade on my paper cutter makes beads that look wonderful. The colorful ones are like diminutive mosaics, while the monochrome make me think of snakeskin.

lip glossHow to make easy Lip Gloss
I have always looked for ways to make lip gloss, but I have never found any recipes that use ingredients found around the house. ( or last more than 3 days!) This is a recipe that Use less than 5 Ingredients, requires no “cooking”, and is super quick!

Note: Photos and descriptions were taken from sources