If SEO is on your mind but your budget is limited or in-existent, stop worrying. Nowadays, you can find plenty of free SEO tools that will compensate for your lack of financial resources.

Since many SEO tasks like keyword research, analytics, and trends research cannot be performed without specialized SEO software, you must quickly discover free solutions. Fortunately, there are plenty!

In today’s post, I’m going to show you some of the best free SEO tools that can instantly help you improve your website’s search engine rankings in 2019. Your business strategy, as well as your SEO strategy, are unique. For that reason, you should explore each of these tools and figure out whether they’re useful or irrelevant!

Google Analytics

“Since Google is the #1 search engine and most of the SEO practices revolve around it, every webmaster should pay attention to the giant’s guidelines and tools. Therefore, if you’re running a website in 2019, Google Analytics is an absolute must.” – Josh Digweed, CEO at Assignmentman.co.uk.

Google Analytics provides essential data analytics for free, showing you how much traffic enters your website, the source of the traffic, and the devices from which that traffic is coming from.

It helps you track your paid campaigns, generating great reports that let you know whether a campaign performs better than the other. You can establish marketing goals and track their progress in real-time.

Google Analytics also provides relevant details through its “Audience Reports” feature, helping you understand why people leave your website while providing useful insights on how to fix audience-related issues.


Here’s one of the most advanced free SEO toolbars that can be integrated with your browser. MozBar can be added to your Chrome extensions, granting you access to relevant key performance metrics such as page and domain authority.

Every time you’re on a website, you can use the toolbar to analyze keywords, backlinks, links structure, and much more.

If you’re serious about SEO, MozBar is definitely an asset you must have. Like many other tools, you can pay for the “PRO” version to receive access to advanced features like “Keyword Difficulty” and “Page Optimization”.


SEMRush is one of the most advanced and powerful keyword research tools on the web. It’s considered to be the #1 competitor analysis tool, mainly because it allows you to analyze any page’s keyword strategy.

Additionally, if you want to research an entire website, SEMrush provides a detailed analysis of that website’s backlinks and internal linking strategy. You can also see how many referring domains a website has, as well as the main competitors that fight for specific keywords and key phrases.

Lastly, SEMRush helps you perform extensive technical audits on your site (or others). You can also compare your site with another site and receive great insights that’ll help you gain a competitive advantage.

If you love this tool, you can opt for the premium version to get access to much more amazing features. If you’re undecided, take the 14-days trial and see if it’s worth the price!

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

A study performed by Grab My Essay Review suggests that mobile-friendly websites are not only performing better in terms of search rankings but also receive higher click-through-rates on pages and links. The same report suggests that a website who is easy to navigate on mobile gets people to spend more time reading the content within the website.

Well, this isn’t really something new. Google itself has suggested that mobile-friendly responsive websites will be prioritized over those that present a desktop-only version.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is a free and accessible tool that lets you see how well your website loads on mobile. It will grade your website and suggest useful recommendations on how to improve it.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs backlink checker represents the easiest way to check the top one hundred links that point to any site on the web. This is an amazing free tool that every SEO practitioner and serious webmaster should leverage on a consistent basis.

This is one of the fastest backlink checkers out there. Simply enter the link of a website and within seconds you will get a detailed report that’ll help you understand the backlinking strategy of that specific website. The tool also showcases the domain rating and the anchor text of each link.

SEO Site Checkup

Here’s a useful free SEO tool that helps you understand your competitors’ SEO techniques and issues. The tool generates comprehensive reports that will help you detect any serious mistakes in any website you analyze, including yours.

Meta titles, meta tags, meta descriptions, website speed, mobile-friendliness, 404 errors, canonical tags – this tool has got you covered!

Screaming Frog

As the last suggestion, you should take a close look at this amazing technical analysis tool. Screaming Frog is one of the most advanced SEO tools on the market. It comes for free, but it also offers a premium version that expands the useful features that are already offered.

This tool is extremely useful especially if you’re new to SEO. Technical mistakes are hard to detect, and they can significantly hurt your website’s performances.

Screaming Frog is the easiest solution to instantly crawl your entire website (using a Google-like AI mechanism) and figure out the mistakes you’ve made. You will receive a detailed report that will present potential problems like crawl errors, javascript rendering errors, HTTP header errors, and bloated HTML errors.


SEO isn’t a fixed or limited practice. Nevertheless, there are certain basic practices that you cannot avoid. For example – backlinking. You can link to a website using a hyperlink in content (e.g. best essay writing service uk) or you can link it directly (e.g. https://www.essayuniverse.net/best-essay-writing-services/)

Tools are particularly useful in such situations. They can tell you which option is better for particular keywords and links, so you can stop worrying about making these decisions on your own. Start exploring the tools I’ve listed today and don’t stop looking in case your needs aren’t met!

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