Do business online will only be successful in a lot of traffic to the website. Its elegant and nicely decorated, and very lively place will be nothing if nobody is interested in a visit. You do not need someone who just dropped by a peak, but your special someone quite interested in what he offered on the site and what is the general public. So how to increase website traffic?

1. Designing Your Website Search Engine Friendly

2. Create More Pages To Index

3. Create Landing Pages

Design Your Website SEO Friendly

Design and create your website search engine friendly and it is easy, simple, and a must.

If you design your website from the beginning search engine friendly, half the battle is already done! You have to think about the way you want your website done and design it keeping Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the rest of the search engines in mind. This is half the battle for your website to be found in the search results when people do keyword or keyword phrase searches. Website Use Designs all Websites, Landing Pages, Blogs, & Forums – Search engine friendly!

To design your website Search Engine Friendly, your website needs to be optimized and the visibility has to be great! You need to make sure the content of your web pages is good and the Keyword Tag is done good, the Description Tag is done well, and the Title Tag of that page is done according to that page and the keyword or keyword phrase within its title. This means you need to add that keyword in your title of that page.

Keep Your Pages Neat and Tidy, Organized and Clean

Have the website look like you would like to see if you did a search for a term and found the perfect website, exactly what you were searching for. Again, ask a friend or someone else to try and guess your keyword or keyword phrase you have used on that web page. This will tell you if you are on the right track.

Designing your website from the beginning search engine friendly saves you big money. You design all your pages, content, images, Meta tags, color, the text used, H1 headers, title, and every page unique to its content, which helps you succeed in the search engines.

Let’s say that you wanted to have a website on something that did not have too much competition on the internet. Designing and creating your website for your local market, city, town, would be no problem at all. When people would search for your keywords or phrases in Google, your website should come up to the top with no issue at all.

If you wanted your website that had more competition to come up, and in more than one city, this takes time,
but it’s not impossible.

The first thing you need to do to get your website going in the right direction from the beginning is to design it in a way that makes it searchable.

Having every page unique in its content, not having duplicate pages, websites, having lots of H1, H2, H3 header text, and using known text such as Arial, Verdana, or Time New Roman is the best text you can use. Google loves this text and it loves lots of H1, H2, and H3 size format.

When designing your website, most people want something fancy and flashy like using java and flash on your website. If you can stand without it, please do! Google does not read flash or java very well and this stops your content to be found such as if you had a flash banner or flash beginning page, this is not good if you want to be found.

Most people talk about the time it takes for Google to be able to index your website and pages and to be searchable on the www.

Create More Pages To Get Indexed

Create a bunch of pages with changing the Key Word or Phrase you would like to be found in the search engines. Let’s say you have a 30-page website. Turn it into a 300-page website so you will have 10 times the pages indexed in Google. How? Well, let’s say you take your Home page (Index) and have a keyword Website. Well create another home page the same, and change the content at least 10% to make it a different page and use the key work Design or phrase Website Design. Change the body content keywords to reflect that change and upload it to your server. You have just created a brand new page.

Example. (our first page, the index page with keyword “website”)

The second page, The new page, but keep all the same links in your menu so when people find this page, they can navigate through the rest of the website as normal. You are just creating a new page that is searchable in the Search Engines and better your chances to be found by potential customers and clients. Change your Meta tags to reflect that new keyword phrase.

This is legit because if you make at least a 10% change to that page, you are not uploading a copied page and you should not be penalized by Google. This new page ( cloned page ) is now a searchable page indexed by Google.

Create Landing Pages

What are Landing Pages / Splash Pages?

A Landing page is like a HUGE advertisement in a full page of a newspaper. It describes your business and points people back to your website, business phone, or address for contacting you. It consists of the main page that redirects people to your website, phone number, email, and address of your business. It is like a small website. You also have an about me page and a contact form sending info to your email address.

Benefits of a Landing Page for your Business

More Leads / Traffic to your Website

Increase sales, increase your money flow

Actual Links to Your Website. Build Up Page Rank Faster.

More exposure for your Business

Concentrates on One phrase or keyword per page

Top of Google and the rest of the Search Engines faster.

It’s a really good way to help promote your business!

If you don’t have a website, it’s a simple way for people to find you on the internet and you get your presence out there.

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