Santino’s Pizza are premium, nutritious and delicious Italian pizza slices that are best-suited for busy consumers who are on-the-go and have no time to wait to enjoy delicious pizza to bake. Santino’s Pizza are best for high-velocity, high-foot-traffic areas such as malls, schools, transport terminals, and the like.

How to Franchise Santino's Pizza 1

Just a year after its introduction to the market, Santino’s Supreme Slices has aggressively expanded into close to 100 outlets nationwide making it another phenomenal brand in the cart industry.

Owned and managed by Jimini Foods Inc., Santino’s Supreme Slices is backed by the same franchising expertise as Pizza Pedrico’s and Jimini Whole Pizza. Trusted in the industry for more than 10 years.


-Dealership Package: P230,000.00 (Carts); P300,000.00 (Kiosks, In-line)
-Security Deposit (Refundable after dealership term): P50,000
-Monthly Support Fee: P5,000.00 (NO ROYALTIES)
-Contract Term: 2 years (renewable)

-Brand and Concept Use
-Complete Cart/Kiosk Setup
-Ovens, Freezer, Display Rack
-Initial stocks
-Crew Uniforms
-Training and Opening Week Handholding
-Marketing Materials
-Grand Opening and Anniversary Support
-Continuous Business Center Support

Contact Details
411-9444 Loc 192/193
Contact Person
Tony Feria