Most plants including those that we grow in homes to enjoy the beauty of flowers and provide a touch of nature to the living environment need comfortable temperature and moderate humidity for best growth.  To protect plants from excessive exposure to the sun by creating a cool and comfortable environment that facilitates growth, the norm is to cover the place with some shade cloth that acts like sunscreen.  Plants remain healthy and grow fast under the shade while using less water that translates into saving energy.

Stoneshade tarp 80% Aluminet advantage – know which shade material is right for you 1

Different types of shade cloths are available, but you must know which type would be most suitable or your plants because all shade cloths are not the same in terms of its effects on plants. While the protection of plants from sunburn is the most important reason for using shade cloth, it must also help plants stay healthy and facilitate growth.

Shade cloth for varied applications

It has been more than 30-40 years that people started using shade cloth to protect plants from the harsh climate, however, besides using it for protecting plants, there are many other applications for commercial, industrial and agricultural fields as well as for sport and leisure. In domestic scenarios, shade cloth finds wide application for covering greenhouses to cool it down in summer. Whether you are a grower, farmer or hobbyist, you need to cool down the environment in summer to allow plants survive and would find shade cloth most handy for creating the protective cover from the blazing sun.

Best shade cloth for plants

The type of shade cloth needed for plants is different from that needed for creating a shelter for people because of the extent of shade required. Even if you are using Aluminet shade cloth that you can shop from the exclusive Aluminet online store, you must choose the appropriate density to create the right kind of shade. While humans would require 80-90% shade coveragefor plants, the requirement is just 40-60%, and for vegetables, it is 30-50%. This means that you need thicker material for humans, but for agriculture and horticulture, thinner material would suffice. The only exceptions are some shade-loving plants like ferns and orchids that require a minimum 75% shade.

Stoneshade tarp 80% Aluminet advantage – know which shade material is right for you 2

Why is Aluminet shade cloth so popular?

Aluminet is better than other shade materials like woven polyester which is a reason for the popularity of the specially knitted screen made from metalized HDPE that lends more strength and durability that makes it last longer. Aluminet material acts like a mirror that bounces sunlight and creates a cooling effect under the shade. The special aluminized fibers have special properties of reflecting sunlight that is much better than any other type of shade materials. It helps to protect plants and people from unwanted sunlight while maintaining moderate temperature under the shade that provides comfort to people and enhances plant growth.

You can choose between knitted shade cloth and woven shade cloth, the two varieties available in the market. If you are using it for creating shade houses, then knitted shade cloth is the best option.