Are you a dessert lover? Well, so are majority of people on this planet. However, don’t fear – there’s plenty of sweets for all of us. But where do you find the best ones? And what are the best desserts anyways?

Top Ten Desserts On The Planet And Where To Find Them 1

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Here is our list of best sweets and their locations:


Baklava is a famous Turkish dessert that will fill your mouth with sweetness and lovely walnuts. You can get it in many different flavors and with many different tastes but the original one is with walnuts and dried grapes sunk in sugar syrup so that is the one to look for.

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee is a famous French dessert which you can enjoy across the globe. But, because the French still do the best job in making them, you should definitely eat one in France. It has creamy custard and a hard caramel cap that you will love.


Anyone who has ever tried Italian Gelato has probably been ruined for ice-creams for the rest of their lives. Gelato is an ice-cream, technically, but the way it’s prepared and with all of the available tastes, you can really feel the difference in texture and taste. Head straight to Italy to get the original dessert.

Black Forest Cake

German Black Forest cake is an amazing blend of good looks and an even better taste. What can be better than chocolate and cherries anyway?


Brownies are a perfect American desert. Chocolatey, fudgy, chewy – just perfect at any time you really need a sweet boost.

Japanese Cheesecake

If you think that regular cookie – cheese – fruit cheesecake is good, you should try Japanese cheesecake. It looks like a cloud and tastes even better. Get it all over Japan and enjoy this lovely dessert.


“Mandazi has coconut milk, it’s tender and smells amazing. It’s not too sweet but it’s just right in any occasion. You can get it in Uganda where there are many different versions, depending on the area you visit. They originate in Sudan but have done well all across the globe,” says Steve Holland, a Food Blogger at 1 Day 2 Write and Australia2Write.


A famous Italian dessert, Tiramisu takes the prize for being one of the most difficult desserts to make as well. Even though you can find it in most big cities with international cuisines, the best one is still found in Italy. Made with coffee, whipped mascarpone and other delicious ingredients, Tiramisu will enchant your taste buds.


“Made from squash and sweet potatoes, this dessert originates from Peru. It’s deep fried and served with syrup too. You’ll love this sweet goodness and you can get it mostly in Peru, where it’s at its best,” says Janis Peterson, a Travel Writer at WriteMyX and BritStudent.


Another Japanese dessert, Mochi is a sticky rice cake that’s molded into round balls. You can enjoy it across the globe and in Japanese restaurants, but it’s best to try it during Japanese New year, when it’s traditionally made and eaten.


Austria is famously known for this torte, which is a cake in essence, made with chocolate and many other tasty elements. You can eat it mainly in Zacher hotel where they have kept the original recipe for years. You can also order it and the hotel will send it to you.

All of these desserts are amazing, and there are many, many more great desserts in the world. Which one you would like the most is up to you. Have fun enjoying these awesome desserts.

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