Construction can be an amazingly profitable business to get into. You can choose the jobs that you want to do whether they are big or small projects, you can hire the people that you think are sufficient for the job, you can shut down in the winter if you choose. You are your own boss when it comes to this type of business. You just need to make sure you have the right equipment in place so that your construction business is successful. The equipment needed can be very costly, so you may want to think about attending a used machinery auction beforehand. If you’re serious about getting into the construction business, there are a few things you need to know. Specifically, don’t start your construction business without these 10 essential pieces of equipment.

Tackling Jobs of Any Size: Don't Start Your Construction Business without These 10 Essential Pieces of Equipment 1

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  • Excavators
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Bulldozers
  • Skid-steer loaders
  • Motor graders
  • Crawler loaders
  • Trenchers
  • Scrapers
  • Common dump trucks
  • Asphalt pavers


Excavators are large construction tools that can be propelled by wheels or tracks. However, tracks are more standard. You can use these machines to demolish, lift heavy things, pipe installation, to excavate trenches and much more. These machines have a multipurpose use and it has various parts for special jobs. Excavators are able to rotate at a full 360 degrees which is helpful with navigation.


Backhoe loaders and farm tractor look similar. Backhoe loaders have an adaptable shovel in the front and a small bucket in the back that allows for digging. They’re used to eliminate dirt, backfill excavations, dig holes and trenches. They can be used in urban areas and are all wheel-driven which means it provides power to all wheels on demand or full-time and allows you to move smoothly over rough territory. They also rotate at 200 degrees


Bulldozers are known to be one of the strongest most reliable pieces of equipment in construction. It’s used to push mounds of dirt and also has the ability to crush boulders.


Skid-steer loaders are super handy when it comes to construction. They are small enough to be able to work in confined spaces. Skid-steer loaders work well in snow and muddy areas. They come in a few different sizes and can be equipped with a variety of attachments to perform digging, drilling, compacting, snow blowing, jack-hammering, and other tasks. Size definitely matters when it comes to these machines.


Motor graders are heavy equipment used for moving small amounts of soil and also for fine grading. They come with a long blade that can be used to endure certain angles to produce a flat surface. They can also be equipped with a second blade in the front and in some cases can be used for underground mining. Motor graders are normally used to make dirt a little finer and it also prepares the road base for laying asphalt. Graders are also used to make sloped surfaces, but their specialty is mainly leveling the ground.


A crawler loader is a mix between an excavator and a bucket loader. The tracks on this machine allow for excellent stability, and the bucket makes it useful for removing debris and soil and can also be used to load objects onto trucks. Crawler loaders are also used for digging on somewhat small projects.


Trenchers are used to dig ditches or channels. Trenchers can come in various sizes, from small walk-behind versions to very large trenching machines that can cut into asphalt pavement and other hard surfaces. The trencher has a conveyor system that carries the excavated material and deposits it onto the ground next to the trench. Trenchers can use different digging implements depending on the depth of the trench and material being excavated.


Scrapers can collect dirt and move quickly around a construction site. They’re mainly used for digging and flattening/leveling huge parts of the land. Scrapers are large and heavy and intended for use in open areas, where they can operate at high speeds for cut and fill operations. Large self-driven scrapers are called motor scrapers. There are also smaller scrapers that are available that are called pull scrapers; those are used to be pulled behind another vehicle.


Common dump trucks are usually needed at all construction work sites. Unfortunately, their functions are limited but they are still able to perform one of the most important tasks at a site which is moving and dumping various types of heavy material. They are also able to transport material in or out of the construction site and can pretty much travel anywhere that large equipment is allowed. Dump trucks can come in various sizes for diverse capacity and loading needs, these trucks range from small utility-style trucks with dumping beds to gigantic machines used in mining operations.


Asphalt pavers are used mostly to lay asphalt on roads, bridges, parking lots or another surface, the type of heavy construction equipment you’re looking for is an asphalt paver. This type of equipment is often accompanied by a dump truck full of the asphalt and a roller. The dump truck feeds the asphalt into the paver, which distributes it onto the surface. While it does provide a small amount of compaction, it needs to be followed by a roller to ensure the asphalt is in place.

It’s important to be able to access the right equipment when you are starting your construction business. You should be ready and well equipped to accept any and every job of your choice. The equipment you have will make or break your business. While there are many other machines available the ten that I’ve listed above are essential to having a successful construction business. Take some time before you start your business to attend a used machinery auction to see what your options are, how much the equipment will cost you and what equipment is essential for you and your business.