Social media channels have been dramatic turnouts when it comes to online marketing and promotion of various products and services irrespective of the type of business and the niche in which it operates. However, if you own an e-commerce website and looking to build your brand aside marketing your offerings, there can be no platform better than Instagram when utilized effectively. With over one billion monthly active users, the platform acts as a lucrative opportunity for e-commerce marketers to build their following and reach their targeted audience organically.

A Definitive Guide to Leveraging Instagram for Building Your E-commerce Business 1

If you are new to Instagram and looking forward to advertising and grow your brand with the help of this platform, take a look at these tips which you can use in your marketing campaign:

Ensure Every Post Flaunts Your Brand Image

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram only and clearly emphasizes visuals and aesthetics. Not only it makes the platform different from others, but it also allows you the opportunity to make your profile a stand out on the platform. Make sure that the visuals that you share are of optimum optical clarity and complement your impeccable feed. This calls out for working on a feed strategy prior to publishing your photos accordingly. It is good to have an artistic vision but ensure that you are adhering to one filter so your Instagram feed is displaying a compelling story about your brand.

A Definitive Guide to Leveraging Instagram for Building Your E-commerce Business 2

Stick to the Rule of Thirds

For sending a balanced and effective message to your followers for Instagram and targeted audience without being overly promotional, it is necessary to pay heed to the rule of the thirds according to that comprises of:

  • Conversational Posts: Entice your audience to take part in an ongoing conversation through contests and giveaways.
  • Promotional Posts: This deals with the content that confers details of your offering or anything company-related.
  • Sharing Posts: This includes cross-promotion with influencers, your audience, and other bloggers or sharing industry news.

Finding the perfect balance between these three is the key to bolstering your following and overall engagement.

Tagging Shoppable Products

Perhaps this one should be taken as a tactic of critical importance because tagging products enable you to provide a clear call to action and it streamlines the purchase procedure from the customer’s end. Instagram now allows e-commerce business accounts to tag items in their post in order to make them highly shoppable on the go.

Research Hashtags and Save Time

Needless to say, hashtags are one of the most powerful attributes on Instagram, as it allows your content getting showcased in search results and grab the attention of new users. Update your hashtag list by doing some research beforehand sharing your content on the platform. Create different hashtags list for each type of visuals that you share on the channel. Besides, make sure that you are not overusing your hashtags list and keep them updated periodically in order to keep them highly relevant with the ongoing popularity and usability.


Finally, focus on providing a great user experience as it is the top priority of Instagram. Stick to these tips and ensure the success of your e-commerce business.