Cloud computing is heaven-sent for corporations that regularly take in large amounts of data. But it should come as no surprise that cloud threats are also becoming rampant.

Thanks to the cloud, big businesses have found a way to store and share data that would typically be too big for regular physical storage. But since it’s easier to access cloud data via the Internet, it also became easier for cyber-criminals to take advantage of its security vulnerabilities.

Some of the usual threats to the cloud include data breaches, bugs, account hijacking, and vulnerabilities with shared technologies. These kinds of problems and attacks have become prevalent, as at least 23 cloud-related issues are reported by corporations every month.

The best solution to cloud data threats is to have a secured IT Infrastructure That means building the IT infrastructure to include both technological and human approach like hiring knowledgeable IT personnel, enforcing strict IT policies, creating a more secure firewall, using strong passwords, and updating your hardware and software regularly to name a few.

Like any piece of technology, cloud computing makes work easier for corporations, but it will come with safety issues. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure cloud security in this digital world. Learn more about cloud hazards and the preventive measures that should be taken with this infographic.

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