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The best place to outsource the services of a call center is the Philippines and here are the reasons why.

A Skilled Workforce 

The Philippines boasts a high literacy rate which make a more-than-capable workforce for the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry such call centers. The Filipino people generally have a skillset that include proficiency in the English language and a neutral accent when speaking which give them the means to be able to work globally.

Philippine universities and schools also help to develop these skills and even have partnered up with BPO companies so that they could offer courses to further hone these communications skills.

A Huge Push in Economic Growth

OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) are known to be the modern day heroes in the Philippines because of their huge contributions to the economy. Very soon, the people working in BPOs will also be known that way.

Economists are starting to see that the revenue growth of the BPO industry is starting to match the remittance earned by OFWs.  With over 1 million workers in the BPO industry, the World Bank sees that they will generate up $55 billion dollars in revenue for the Philippines by 2020. Being that call centers only make for 0.075% of the country’s GDP, this is a significant growth and is seen to only grow further.

Amount of Workers

Around 450,000 fresh graduates are produced in the Philippines every year which makes it the largest potential talent pool for BPOs; only third to China and India. In 2014, over 1 million Filipinos made up the BPO industry and this number is only expected to grow. Given that this figure in 2014 only made up 1% of the total population of the Philippines, the industry will soon see more millions of people in its workforce in the future.

Time Flexible

Call center workers in the Philippines are willing and ready to work at shifting schedules to provide round-the-clock service. They even give incentives to their workers who choose to work on holidays. This makes Philippine BPO companies attractive to international brands; no matter what the time zone they are from, Filipino call center representatives can accommodate them. Also, they can still attend to a customers’ needs even after business hours.

Quality Service at Reasonable Cost

In the Philippines, BPO companies practice cost efficiency while still providing top-notch service. Also, the country’s infrastructure cost and overall tax is cheap. This all leads up to reasonable prices for brands that would like to avail of the services of a call center in the Philippines. Such offers cannot be found in other countries.

Key Takeaway

The Filipino people have a great work ethic which helps them to provide quality service at reasonable costs. Also, this service can cater to countries all over the globe since the BPO industry is able to work 24/7 with their shifting schedules. Not only is this good for companies availing of the service, but also for the Philippine economy. It’s a healthy win-win situation for the workers and the clients of the industry.

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