How the Architectural Design of a Building Attracts Investors 1

Architectural design services in the Philippines are attracting various investments into the country by providing proper corporate spaces. They are capitalizing the fact that the Philippine economic scene is currently at its strongest.

Various factors are at play when it comes to making sure that a building’s architectural design will attract business investors. However, the most important ones to consider are the following.

Green Space

The number of investors–who care about environmental issues–is on the rise. These people want to make an effort to fight global warming and climate change by using green spaces.

They can help these individuals lower down the amount of CO2 emissions they are consuming. Reducing the amount of energy they use also means that the costs they have to pay for it decreases as well. Investing in a green space can mean saving money in the long run.

Mixed Use

The mixed use design development is being used by architects to attract both investors and residents in one setting. It is a place that promotes diversity. It is a friendly environment, where recreational, commercial, and residential destinations have been bound together in harmony.

Many investors are attracted to buildings with mixed use design because they help boost the workforce productivity by having retail and leisure opportunities that are nearby. It also promotes a fit and healthy lifestyle because it encourages workers to walk in their workplace instead of using vehicles to commute.


Buyers and investors are more attracted to properties that have more character compared to those that have none. Buildings that have been standardized and do not fit their communities are less appreciated. Rejuvenated structures have high property prices, particularly those that provide their surroundings a distinct sense of identity. They are considered even more special if they belong in a historic site.

Ease of Movement

Buildings which promote ease of movement are also popular with investors. This is because they have well-connected spaces that are accessible to everyone. This helps investors attract and retain their staff. Its economic land value can also increase especially if they are near transportation networks. Furthermore, the crime rates in these types of areas are low because surveillance exists naturally.

Easy Navigation

Investors also value easy navigation in a building design. This helps people orient themselves better inside the structure so they can move easily from one place into another. Easy navigation is important to some structures like hospitals. Doctors, nurses, and patients need to have natural progression to guide them inside the building.


Natural and good quality acoustics, temperature, air-quality, and lighting are essential in making a building comfortable to its users. Investors are likely to attract more customers if they are comfortable in their chosen setting. Comfort has also been proven to boost the health, well-being, satisfaction, and productivity of the workers in the building.


Business investors are likely to be more attracted in buildings with open-plan offices. This is because it promotes better communication between employees. Flexible spaces in workplaces are also valued for they encourage inspiration and creativity. Illnesses are also less likely to spread if more space is available in a building.

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