Kakanin is a well-known Filipino dessert usually serve during special occasions like birthdays, fiesta, anniversary and Christmas. Occasion will not be special without a kakanin in one’s dining table.

Even in abroad, kakanin is also popular. Many Ofw’s are still missing to eat our local kakanin. That’s why many people are thinking to start the kakanin business to meet the demand.

Tips in Starting a Kakanin Business 1

Photo by Caryl Joan Estrosas

Nowadays, kakanin cannot only be found in streets, but also in food stalls of big malls, bus stations and pasalubong centers. Before you start your own kakanin business, here are some business tips to know.

1. Register your kakanin business. If you’re planning to sell it in food stalls of malls, here are the steps:
a. DTI-BTRCP registration. It’s important to register your business in the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and in the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP) because this will give you protection and exclusive rights to use the business name of your choice.
b. Barangay Clearance.
c. Registration with the Local Government
d. Registration with the Bureau of Food and Drugs

2. Attend trainings and seminars to develop and acquire appropriate knowledge on how to start the business. Go to DTI or other private institutions conducting the trainings. They can help you grow the business.

3. Find out the latest technology available that will improve the taste and speed up your kakanin production. Also, learn the techniques and tips on how to prolong the shelf life of the products so that it will not spoil easily.

4. Formulate new marketing strategies that will help convince your customers to patronize your kakanin products.

No doubt, starting a kakanin business opens a lot of opportunities for Filipinos to earn money.