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Getting familiar with Yambo, an indigenous fruit delight

In a world that is truly rich and diverse in natural resources, new discoveries and breakthroughs take place anytime and anywhere. Segue to agriculture: man continues to discover various flora and fauna that can be used for food or serve other purposes. Older species are being rediscovered with their potential to feed the ever-growing consumer [&hellip

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Promoting the less-known, phytochemical-rich Pinoy fruits

Most young people nowadays are familiar with apples, grapes, plums, peaches, cherries, or pears. These are fruits that the Philippines imports from other countries because they only grow in cold climates. Meanwhile, indigenous fruits like anang, sapote, yambo, sapinit, katmon, kalumpit, lipote, binukaw, or paratungon are often given the boggled look and are being overlooked, [&hellip

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