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How to Make Mixed Jackfruit Jam (Jackfruit-Pineapple Marmalade)

Jam is a solid gel made from the pulp of a single fruit or combination of fruits with a fruit content of at least 40% and a total sugar content of not less than 68% to prevent mould growth after opening the jar. In mixed fruit jams the first-named fruit should be at least 50% [&hellip

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How to Make Jackfruit Beverage

Jackfruit beverage is made from fruit pulp which is mixed with water, sugar and citric acid. Use only freshly harvested ripe fruits without bruising or damage. Jackfruit Beverage Ingredients for 1 kg de-seeded jackfruit bulbs: Pectin-degrading enzyme (see instructions on the packet) Sugar 0.5 g sodium metabisulphite (optional) Procedure: 1. Cut fruit in half lengthwise. [&hellip

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CPAR capacitates Leyte farmers on jackfruit technologies

“Ako po’y talagang nagpapasalamat sa CPAR dahil marami kaming natutunan. Kung wala ito, mahihirapan kami sa production ng jackfruit [I am really thankful to CPAR because we have learned a lot. If not for CPAR, we will be having difficulty in jackfruit production],” said Job D. Abuyabor, Sr., one of the farmer-cooperators of a Community-based [&hellip

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A second look at jackfruit

Who doesn’t know jackfruit or langka? In the Visayas, jackfruit is a priority commodity. In fact, major jackfruit growing areas in the country are located in Western, Central and Eastern Visayas wherein almost half of the total land area is allotted to jackfruit production. To many, jackfruit is grown mainly at backyards because it used [&hellip

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How to Make Jackfruit Pickle

Pickles are usually made from a mixture of vegetables and fruits. They are eaten as a savoury, spicy accompaniment to curries or other main meals. They can be prepared using one of two main methods: – Lactic acid fermentation of fruits, either with or without the addition of salt: they are not heated, therefore strict [&hellip

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Jackfruit Production Guide

Jackfruit scientifically known as Artocarpus heterophyllius, lam, locally known as “nangka” or “langka” is a favorite dessert of Filipinos. It is one of the most widely grown fruit crops in the Philippines. It was reported that this fruit is one of the famous in the world because it produces the largest edible fruit that weighs [&hellip

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