One favorite snack that’s tried and tested by the Filipino palate is the banana cue.

And for all those out there who are already into the business of selling banana cue or interested in getting into this kind of snack food business, here’s one more recipe to make sure no part of the banana cue goes to waste.

burger patties photo

Photo by El Gran Dee

With the peel of the banana (saging na saba), you can actually make a yummy burger patties!

Here’s how you can make your own banana burger patties


5-7 banana peels (balat ng saging na saba)
1 cup flour
rock salt
1/4 cup oyster sauce


1. Shred the banana peels with your hands. Remove the parts that are dark and hard.
* The more ripe the saging na saba, the better because there will be less dagta (sap)

2. In a bowl, mash the shredded banana peel with your hands, add the salt while mashing
* this will remove the dagta from the banana peels

3. Squeeze to remove the excess juices or dagta

4. Wash properly with water to remove the salt and other impurities.

5. Using a kitchen knife, chop the peels until fine.

6. Put the chopped peels in a bowl and flavor with oyster sauce and pepper. Add the flour and mix.

7. After mixing, use a spoon to get from the mixture, then roll, form, and flatten the patties by hand.

8. You’re burger patties made of banana peel is ready for grilling or frying.
* with 7 pieces of banana pee, you can make 1 kg of banana burger patties.

Source: Hanep Buhay – Recipe from “The Banana Cookbook” by Ofel Panganiban and improvised by Nancy Reyes Lumen, The Pinoy Foodie