Businesses are always searching for brand new ways to advertise themselves. One way to do this is by making your employees wear custom t-shirts at public events. Custom tees are a fantastic way of communicating your brand without having to yell at someone to buy something.

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It’s a subtle way of making a sale. If you haven’t yet invested in custom tees, let’s go through some of the reasons why you should.

Communicate a Cause

A custom t-shirt lets you print anything in any color. There are no restrictions. The only restrictions are set by your imagination. You can place any call to action you like on the front of your t-shirt. You don’t have to worry about whether something will print correctly because t-shirts are a highly malleable garment.

Do it Cheap

The important aspect for any business when introducing a new marketing campaign is whether it’s cost-effective. While we can’t provide any concrete statistics for how much you’ll get in return for you custom clothing, studies have shown they have a great effect on how many sales you’re going to make.

T-shirts aren’t expensive to print. And the more you print the better the bulk discount. Always compare different printers before ordering, though.

Stand Out in a Crowd

Whether you stand out in a crowd largely depends on your design, but the point is you’ll always stand out in a large audience when you have a team of employees all dressed in unique clothing.

Think about your next conference or convention. You’ll have your stand somewhere in the big room. If you looked at everything from above, there’d be little to differentiate you from everyone else. Now imagine if there’s a group of people dressed in unique attire. This is going to stand out because it communicates your brand effectively.

Advertising Forever

Unlike other forms of advertising, you can continue to use your customized t-shirts again and again. Most businesses that decide to pay for clothing for their employees will have a set that’s designed for all environments. Most businesses won’t have to have a separate design for each and every event they attend.

Feel free to lock this form of marketing up until your next event. It’s going to work just as well later on as it does now.

And here’s a tip to make them last even longer. Take your company colors and invert them to make another t-shirt. If you’re concerned about the longevity of each design, keep swapping them over for each event to keep everything fresh.

Image Quality

Printing digital designs onto shirts will always form a high-quality image. It’s why digital printing on apparel became so popular in the first place. While older forms of printing are still in use today, there’s no better quality than the digital versions available right now.

Overall, a custom t-shirt can repay the initial investment many times over a long period of time. This is an investment for the future that can really pay dividends for your company.

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