San Miguel Foods Inc.s Poultry Contract Breeding Business OpportunityJoining the San Miguel Foods Inc.’s (Magnolia) roster of poultry contract breeders and growers is a good business opportunity for farm owners.

The success story of Magnolia’s contract grower, Ofel Dator together with her husband Serafin Dator, owners of Ofel’s Poultry Farm, began breeding chicken in 2005 with just minimal capital on hand. Today, in just a span of four years, Ofel’s Poultry Farm is doing a great business, earning well over P2.5 million a year.

So, why they chose this kind of investment?
1. The fact that Magnolia Fresh Chicken is one of San Miguel Food Inc.’s power brands, and therefore, it is a sure-fire investment.

2. They firmly believed, even in the face of the current economic crisis, that there would be no end to the need for chicken meat products — and therefore, no end to the need for their products.

3. It is a way to help provide jobs for other people in their community.

Now, are you ready to be one? For sure, you’d definitely be in good company since you’re joining the elite team involved in delivering Filipinos their beloved Magnolia Fresh Chicken.

Application Requirements/Process for New Contract Breeders

I. Application Process

1. Accomplishment of Contract Growing Application Form
2. Site or Farm Inspection
3. Approval of Proposed Site or Farm
4. Submission of Letter of Intent
5. Issuance of Letter of Commitment
6. Submission of Permits
7. Construction of Poultry House
8. Submission of Bond or Collateral
9. Contract Signing
10. Seminar
11. Check Placement

II. Investment Details

a. Farm Site

* At least FOUR (4) hectares land area; Within an agricultural zone
* Should be at least ONE (1) kilometer away from nearest livestock farm and population center
* With all weather-access road (to and from and within the farm) and must be passable to a 10-wheeler truck
* With reliable source of electricity and adequate potable water
* With full time farm manager and farm recorder

b. Document Requirements

* Completely filled-up application form
* Two (2) pieces 2”x2” picture
* Clear photocopy of latest Community Tax Certificate
* Clear photocopy of BIR Certificate of Registration
* Proposed farm site location/vicinity map
* Photocopy of Land Title

c. Bond and Collateral

* CASH (P100.00 per breeder)
* Real Estate Mortgage (REM)
o Original TCT
o Current Year’s Tax Declaration
o Tax Clearance
o Tax Receipt
o Special Power of Attorney (SPA) if not in applicant’s name

d. Building Design

Orientation:EAST – WEST Direction
Dimension:Length: 410 ft
Width: 40 ft
Height: 7 ft min
Elevation:1 ft from the ground line
Flooring:3” thick cement, 1 slope
Service Area:10 ft x 40 ft
Foot Bath:Concrete 1×1 m
Bird Proofing:Fishnet 0.5” x 0.5”
Maximum Load:7,900 breeders

e. Project Feasibility

Project Feasibility
Investment/bird (w/o Land & Land dev.)P 716.00
Gross Income/bird/cycle519.00
     Less: Operating Expense337.00
Net Income/bird/CycleP 182.00
Payback (yrs)5.9

f. SMFI and Contract Breeder Responsibilitites


* Day-old chicks
* Breeder Feeds
* Vaccines and Medicines
* Technical Assistance
* Laboratory Services
* Competitive Payment Scheme

2. Breeder

* Land
* Poultry House
* Feed Bodega
* Poultry Equipment
* Water and Electricity
* Security
* Labor
* Proper Farm Management

III. Contact Details

Mr. Joseph F. Toledo0917 8035270
Mr. Mario A. Bono0918 9250998
Dr. Carl John C. Collado (Mindanao)0917 7102036

Main Office Address

San Miguel Foods, Inc.
4th Floor DenCris Business Center Barangay Halang, Calamba City Laguna
Tel. Nos.: #049 834 2010

Main Office Address

San Miguel Foods, Inc.
4th Floor DenCris Business Center
Barangay Halang, Calamba City
Tel. Nos.:#049 834 2010

Mr. Noelson R. Pineda
Capacity Development Group Manager

Luzon Operations:

North LuzonMr. Enrique S. Jabiguero09178031848
 Engr. Vladimir A. Bayan09178670262
 Dr. Jorge S. Manahan09178688356
South LuzonMr. Arthur A. Torres09175684677
 Dr. Nathaniel Gil P. Arca09178051059
 Engr. Gary M. Patam09175117407

Visayas – Mindanao Operations:

Visayas-MindanaoDr. Amor A. Gomez09177054864
 Engr. Eugene P. Camerino09175119576
 Mr. Gerald P. Tejada09177182461
Central-Eastern VisayasMr. Jonathan Escanilla09178658532 / 09228055554
Western VisayasDr. Manuel Olan0917 5877624 / 09228858350
North MindanaoEngr. Rodney Erasmo09175900692 / 09228656677
South MindanaoDr. Rommel Virtucio09177001421

SMFI Calamba Office
4th Floor DenCris Business City Laguna

Mr. Jerome D. Carandang 09175941392
Ms. Emma S. Amarillo 09175075136

XI. Application Form

Click to download the application form below.
Download Contract Breeding Application Form

Click here, If you are interested to become a San Miguel Foods Inc’s Poultry Contract Growers.

Updated: 06/27/2011
Sources:, The Philippine Star, Sept 2009