Warm greetings from SMFI Agribusiness!

The SMFI Agribusiness Development Group is developing a sustainable sourcing program of its agri-based raw materials requirements which for now calls for the mobilization of at least 500,000 hectares of farm lands in the Philippines. SMFI is committed to help develop the countryside by providing livelihood opportunities in rural communities with the introduction of alternative crops and the improvement of farm technologies and income. We are interested in developing partnerships for the domestic production of cassava, sorghum, sweet potato and other crops for our feed mill facilities nationwide.

cassava contract growing business

For their flagship cassava program, SMFI Agribusiness provides:
  • Guaranteed market with a marketing agreement according to mutually agreed product quality, volume and delivery schedule;
  • Guaranteed floor price;
  • Start-up technical assistance in production, post-harvest and logistic operations;
SMFI Agribusiness is looking for assemblers/consolidators with the following characteristics:
  • Can provide technical and financial assistance to farmer proponents;
  • Can consolidate volumes from farmers and ensure delivery to SMC;
  • Willing to go into large-scale cassava production;
  • Willing to invest in post-harvest and logistics facilities;
  • Have strong business clout or network in agribusiness; and
  • Passionate about agriculture.



  • Letter of Intent to join the program
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Ownership/Lease of Authority from DAR/DENR or other concerned government agencies (TCT/CLOA/CFSA/Lease Agreement)
  • Accomplished Supplier Registration Form
  • Original and photocopy of the following:
    1. Business Registration:
      • For corporations/cooperatives:
        • SEC Registration/CDA Registration
        • General Information Sheet
        • Board Resolution (authority to negotiate)
        • Any of the following proof of identification:
          –    Driver’s license/NBI/Passport or any other government-issued ID
      • For sole proprietorships:
        • DTI Registration
        • Mayor’s Permit or Business permit
        • Any of the following proof of ID:
          –    Driver’s license/NBI/Passport or any other government-issued ID
    2. Any proof of business address such as: Proof of Occupancy, Lease Agreement and utility bills
    3. Audited Financial Statements for the past three (3) years or financial forecast for three (3) years.
    4. BIR Form 2303 or BIR Certificate of Registration
    5. For corporations/cooperatives: Table of Organization (with names and positions)
    6. Suitability of site (subject to inspection by an SMFI representative)

Requirements per Contract

  • Farm Consolidation and Supply Agreement
    • Minimum of 20 hectares planted with cassava (either owned, leased or contracted under Production Agreement with farmer-growers)
    • Area development plan for three (3) years
    • SMFI Registered/Accredited Supplier

Click here to download the Cassava Assembler Application Sheet.

For further details, please contact:

Agribusiness Development Group
18th/F, JMT Corporate Condominium, ADB Ave.,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila

Tel: +632 317 5000
Trunkline: 317-5000

Email: customercare@sanmiguel.com.ph