Raising Goats for Milk – Simple and Profitable Way To Start Goat Farming
By: Ted Allen

Raising goats for milk is a simple and profitable way to start an animal farm. If you have enough number of goats, you may sell their milk for a certain price or turn them into cheese. Even better, raising goats for milk is not that hard. All you need are basic animal farming knowledge and you’re good to go.

milking goats photo

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Below are a few steps on how you can start your own animal farm with a few goats. If you do it right, raising goats for milk will be profitable and worthwhile.

First, you need to determine which breed of dairy goats you want to raise. The most common dairy breeds are the Indian Jamnapari, the Alpine, and the Anglo Nubian. Do your research and find out which breed is both suitable to your place’s landscape and climate.

Next, do your research about the different types of dairy products that you can produce out of goat milk. Butter and cheese are the most common ones but there are still other products too. It is important to make this decision early on to avoid delays in the future.

Find out about your chosen breed’s mating period. Most female goats go into the mating period around early autumn and will last in heat for 25 days. Goat gestation usually takes 150 days for twins.

Build a small barn to house your goats and to protect them from harmful elements. Keep their living place dry and clean. Goats are big investments so you better take of them to avoid losing money. Erect a fence around your goats’ grazing area to protect them from predators. The fence also keeps your goats from wandering off and getting lost.

Do your research about proper goat maintenance as well. What kinds of food do they need? What medical upkeep do they usually require?

Dairy goats usually need their horns trimmed every six weeks. This is important to keep your goats energetic. You also need to make sure that your goats have the proper injections to protect them from harmful diseases. Raising gots for milk will be easier if you keep your goats healthy. They live longer, too, thereby ensuring a greater return in your investment.

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