Food business idea: How to Make Tomato Paste

tomato paste at Pexels


1. Choose matured ripe and fresh tomatoes
2. Immerse 1 or 2 times in boiled water for 2 minutes Deep in cold water to remove the outer skin
3. Remove the skin and slice lengthwise to remove the seeds
4. Add the extracts to the pulp and boil for 10-15 minutes. Still occasionally
5. Allow the pulp to pass through a coarse strainer while retaining the seeds
6. Place the mixture in a container and boil for 15 minutes at slow fire
7. For every kilo of the pulp mixture, add 1 tsp salt
8. Cook until desired consistency
9. Transfer to sterilized bottles and boil uncovered for 45 minutes Water level must be 2/3 full so as to avoid entry into the containers
10. Close the containers tightly and boil again for 35 minutes. Cool and store in a dry place

Source: Food and Technology Research and Development Program NIST (NSTA)