Wholesale Microfinance Program

A lending facility of Small Business Corporation to microfinance institutions (MFIs) which have the organizational capability or strength to provide sustainable credit access to borrowers in the livelihood sector.

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Target End-Borrowers: Pre-enterprise micros, which are either start-up or graduating micros.

Type of Facility: Credit Line

Microfinance Facilities:
MICRO-LEAD. Micro-lending through lead microfinance institutions (MFIs) whose lending portfolio and organizational structure are predominantly or at least 60% microfinance;
MICRO-LOCAL. Micro-lending through MSME-oriented rural banks; and,
MICRO-LEAP. Micro-lending through small microfinance providers such as community cooperatives and local non-government organizations (NGOs) or people’s organizations (POs) who do not meet the SBC standards under MICRO-LEAD.


SMALL BUSINESS CORPORATION (Small Business Guarantee and Finance Corporation)
17th & 18th Floors, 139 Corporate Centre, Valero Street Salcedo Village, Makati City