Making your own bottled bangus in tomato sauce is a good business venture. Selling your own bottled bangus in tomato sauce to friends, neighbors, food shops, restaurants, bazaars and supermarkets can make a good additional income for your family.

bottled bangus


Bottled Bangus in Tomato Sauce
(Adapted from BFAR-7, 2001)


1-2 tbsp Corn oil
Tomato paste to fill (diluted at 1 part to 4 parts water)
3 pcs. pepper corn
1 pc chili pepper (Siling labuyo)
10% brine to cover fish (1 part coarse salt to 9 parts water)
1/2 tsp iodized salt
MSG (pinch)


1. Remove the head, fins, tail, belly flaps and internal organs.
2. Cut the fish transversely to fit the size of the bottle.
3. Wash the fish thoroughly to remove all traces of blood
4. Soak in 10% brine for 15-25 minutes depending on the size of the fish.
5. Place the fish into bottles.
6. Add the following ingredients: ½ tsp. iodized salt, 1 pc. hot pepper, 3 pcs. pepper corn, a pinch of MSG (vetsin), 1-2 tbsp. corn oil, and fill up the bottle with hot tomato paste diluted with water at a ratio of 1:4 (1 part tomato paste to 4 parts water).
7. Cover the bottles loosely
8. Exhaust bottles by steaming for 15-25 minutes depending on the size of the fish.
9. Tighten the bottle caps. Invert the bottles to check for leakage. Arrange inside the pressure cooker and process at 10 psi for 110 minutes.
10. After processing time, wait for the pressure cooker to reach zero before opening. Immediately take out the bottles one at a time. Let cool at room temperature.
11. Wash the bottles with soap and water to remove grease. Let dry.
12. Install the plastic cap seal. Store in a dry and cool place for at least one month. Label when ready for distribution.

Source: (Wilfredo G. Yap, Antonio C. Villaluz, Ma. Gracia G. Soriano, and Mary Nia Santos) Milkfish Production and Processing Technologies in the Philippines