QR codes are everywhere. For example, did you know that over 1.4 billion QR codes were scanned by consumers in the past year? For businesses looking to take advantage of QR code marketing, having a QR code generator is an absolute necessity. Without the right QR code generator, businesses might be missing out on leads and opportunities.

Here Are Some Reasons Why a Dedicated QR Code Generator for Business Is Important

Found More Often

Businesses often overlook the importance of using dedicated QR codes for their business. Because they are created specifically to be scanned by smartphone cameras, dedicated QR codes for businesses are more likely to get found than generic ones.

Can Be Customized to Engage Customers

One way that dedicated QR code generators make it easier for businesses to engage customers is by allowing them to customize their QR codes. A QR code that has a logo, for example, communicates authority and trustworthiness almost immediately.

Easier To Track

QR technology is still relatively new, so many people are still learning how best to use it for business purposes. One drawback of generic QR codes is that it can be difficult to track the success of a campaign. Because dedicated QR codes have been created specifically for a business, businesses can more easily track analytics and see which campaigns produce the best return on investment.

Are Easier To Scan

Another benefit of dedicated QR codes is that they are easier to scan for consumers. Since they are designed specifically for a business, they will contain information that is most relevant to consumers who scan them. This will make it easier for people to find the information they need after scanning the code.

Popular QR Code Generators for Business Online

There are many platforms where you can create QR codes. Here are three of the most popular options for businesses:

1. QRStuff

This is a great option for businesses looking to get started with their first QR code generator because it offers so much in one place. This platform lets users generate QR codes, share them through social media and email, and track analytics.

2. QR Code Generator

This QR code generator offers users a way to create custom codes and includes many different styles. It also has a plug-in for WordPress sites so that it is easier than ever for businesses to share their codes and connect with customers.

3. Free QR Code Generator

For businesses on a budget, this is an excellent option. The only downside is that the free plan limits users to creating one QR code per month. To get more codes, businesses will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

4. Scannova

This platform includes many different types of QR codes and also offers a mobile app to help with scouting. This is the only platform on the list that has custom logo support, so it may be what you’re looking for if you need something more than simple QR code marketing.

5. Flowcode

This platform is great for those looking to code QR codes faster and easier than ever before. Simply upload an image, type in the URL, and Flowcode will create a QR code that looks great on business cards, marketing materials, advertisements, etc. Or you can use it to generate your own custom logo.

6. Egoditor

This is a platform for those who need to create a lot of QR codes. It’s perfect for businesses QR codes, such as restaurants with various menu items.

While many platforms allow users to generate QR codes without providing any information about their business, these three make it much easier for people to find out more about what your company does and how they can become a customer.

7. QRcodemonkey

This platform includes all of the basics for creating QR codes, but it also offers some additional perks. One of these is setting expiration dates on your codes so that they expire after a certain period of time. Codes with an expiration date are more effective than ever before because people will need to visit your business sooner rather than later.

Pros And Cons Of QR Code Generators For Business Online

They are easier to track, create and scan. They are provided with information that is most relevant to consumers. They are cheaper in budget.

When it comes to cons, they are more complicated, so they may intimidate some users. Duplication of codes is an issue if the generator does not have a limit option. Sometimes you need to upgrade for more features and QR code designs.


QR codes are one of the best ways for businesses to market themselves. They are effective, faster, and more convenient than ever before. With so many tools available online to get started with QR codes today, there is no reason not to give them a try. So pick the best QR code generator for businesses online and conclude your marketing strategies through this amazing tool.