Change is the only constant thing in the world and we humans have the capability to make a paradigm shift. Due to technological evolution, the world is shifting towards a digital platform. And the Covid-19 pandemic has worked as a catalyst to make this movement even faster than we thought. The demand for digital business is on the boom and therefore, the requirement for web application and mobile apps are increasing and in 2022, this will surely jump exponentially. 

With this massive growth opportunity, businesses are looking to hire best node.js developers who are trying and testing different frameworks to develop different applications that suit the market demand. Undoubtedly, JavaScript is the most popular programming language to develop any top-end web and mobile application and during this conversation, you must not skip the name of Nodejs. The Nodejs user survey report reveals the popularity of this framework. Almost 80% of developers prefer Nodejs over the other for their development work. 

There are several awesome features of Nodejs that make it one of the favorites among the developers. It can connect the client and server-side and bridge them and also permeates the server-side void. The exclusive features of this framework help to create various web cases for the specific app development work.

In this article, you will get an idea about what Nodejs is, why you should select Node.js for your web application development, the best Node.js frameworks for Web Apps for 2022. Stay till the end.

What is a Nodejs framework?

Most web developers use it for different backend web application development. It is There are THREE types 

  • MVC Frameworks
  • REST API Frameworks
  • Full-Stack Frameworks

Node.js is an open-source server environment that runs on the V8 version of the JavaScript engine. It is not a programming language but works as an interpreter. You can use JS here to develop a web application. 

Why select the Node.js framework?

You must be thinking that why this framework is so popular and why you also adopt this framework for your project. Well, there are numerous benefits that this framework offers to its users. Some of the attractive and impressive opportunities that Nodejs offers are

Scalability: Before selecting any tool, you must know about the expansion factor. Else after the development, when you want to extend it, you will be stuck. Thanks to Nodejs, it offsets a lot of scalability to your project. It offers a lot of flexibility to the developers to magnify the work after the development.

Performance: To make a quick and smooth web and mobile application, you need a framework that responds faster. And Nodejs is the perfect choice for this. This offers non-blocking I/O operation with high efficiency that gives a smooth performance.

Faster due to lightweight: One of the interesting features of Nodejs is that it is lightweight. And this makes the framework easy to operate. It takes fewer times concerning others to develop and its lean behavior provides enough time for the developer to look into the review mechanism.

Top Node.js frameworks you must consider for your software:

  1. Express.js: It is one of the top choices of developers. The minimalistic, classic, and on-the-top features provide all the required flexibility and opportunity for its users to play with it. It has a non-synchronous programming feature that can help you to work on multiple operations at a time. This is a perfect framework for single-page web applications and APIs. To make it more attractive and user-friendly, you can add plugins and extensions also. 
  1. Nest.js: While you are building active, scalable apps, this framework is ideal for boosting backend productivity. Its appealing features of easy testing and maintenance make it a developer’s pick when it comes to creating server-side web applications. Its modular architecture allows greater versatility, as well as an array of external libraries for enhanced customization. 
  1. Koa.js: If you are wishing to make a web or mobile application that provides the scope of customizations, you must look for Koa.js. it is comparatively younger than its competitors and the same Express team has developed it. Along with many other excellent features, this framework can handle errors efficiently, it is lightweight in structure, there is no middleware attached to it. These key attributes have made this a must choice for web developers.
  1. Loopback.js: This is a full-stack framework for developing APIs and bridging the gap between client and server communication. PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and MongoDB are among the databases it supports. Current works flawlessly on the cloud system without any errors in this era of cloud servers. For simplicity of use, developers want comprehensive documentation and a structured code structure, which this framework provides. Furthermore, Loopback.js includes a built-in ORM that allows queries to be raised directly from the client.
  1. Meteor.js: Another lightweight, cross-functional application development framework is Meteor.js. Due to its less weight, It is faster and used JavaScript only. Due to this language-specific attribute, this framework is easy for the developers. It supports all the operating systems like iOS, Android, web, desktop.
  1. If you want to build a chatbot or add an audio-visual streaming function to your website, this platform is ideal. It offers smooth audio and video streaming because of the incredible real-time activity. This is a framework for real-time communication that is event-driven. This fantastic framework also allows bi-directional communication between the client and server. 
  1. Feather.js: Feather.js is a flexible framework, which is one of the reasons for its popularity among web developers. It operates in real-time, making the web and mobile app development process go more smoothly. It makes the process easier and less time-consuming with the help of its plugins.
  1. Sails.js: This isthe next level of Express and if you are well versed with Express, it’s time for you to try Sails.js. This framework is a Model-View-Controller framework that allows you to create scalable applications. You can simply establish RESTful APIs and there is no need to write any code. This functionality generates code for you automatically, and as a developer, you may change it by adding or editing it. The only stumbling block is the system’s steep learning curve. However, after you’ve mastered the framework’s high learning curve, you’ll be able to reap a slew of incredible benefits.
  1. Hapi.js: Walmart Labs designed this framework. The team added outstanding plug-in-based modular architecture to make it user-friendly, allowing you to add it and grow up your web project. It’s a quick-to-learn web development framework with a manageable learning curve. HAPI (HTTP API Server) speeds up the web development process with its extensive web server capabilities. It can be used to create REST APIs and scalable web applications.
  1. Total.js: Total.js is another easy-to-use framework for creating user-friendly web apps. This framework has become quite popular in the developer community due to its appealing features. In this framework, prototyping is quite quick. One of the most intriguing aspects of this framework is that it has an SMTP mailing feature as well as an image processing tool.


Node.js is the key framework that can provide you with an ample amount of opportunity and flexibility. Modern-day choices are changing and therefore, faster, lean, flexible, and easy-to-use frameworks are preferred by Node.js companies. As we have seen that Node.js can offer all the benefits to its users, it’s time for you to try it if you are not used to it yet. Share your views.