Sneaker proxies have become quite common among sneaker lovers these days. Not everyone is a millionaire or has connections to score the next limited edition launched by a world-renowned brand such as Adidas, Nike etc. So, people like you and us need to have a plan in place in order to get our hands on our favorite pair of sneakers. 

But unfortunately, there are a number of hurdles that come in the way. The good news is that sneaker proxies, when combined with automated sneaker bots, can help you overcome all those hurdles. Still not sure why you should use sneaker proxies? Well, here is the list of benefits that it has to offer;

1. Overcome The Virtual Line 

E-stores work much like physical stores. They have their line of customers as well, the same as you see at the till of the physical store. But since their line, if virtual, thus you can’t figure out your spot. Using proxies allows you to add yourself to the virtual line, multiple times (based on the number of proxies you have) without anyone finding out. This increases your chances of scoring your favorite pair before it is sold out.

2. Bypass Geographical Limits 

In some cases, if there is a sale or a limited-edition launch, brands tend to limit access to only certain countries. Not everyone lives in the UK or the USA. Buying proxies from the USA or UK then allow you to bypass the geographical limits and overcome the barrier to access the website and place an order. 

3. Hide Your Identity 

In the case of limited-edition pairs, brands mostly allow one individual to add a single pair to their cart in order to facilitate all customers. That is a good thing on their behalf but for a sneaker lover who wants it all. Using a proxy allows you to hide your IP address and use another’s to order your second or third pair of sneakers. And no one will be able to track it back to you. 

4. Integrate with bots

Automated sneaker bots, when integrated with sneaker proxies, allow you to be the first of the first individuals to add their favorite pair of sneakers to their e-cart. With the proxies and the bots integrated, you can even score the entire collection based on the number of proxies you have. In most cases. 25-50 are enough, but you want to hit deeper than go for a higher number to increase your chances as much as possible or start your shoe business. 

Final Words

We are sure you would want to invest in sneaker proxies after reading all these benefits. If yes, then you are going to be one lucky man with a limited-edition pair of sneakers at your disposal. Make sure to go for the trusted sneaker proxies and avoid the fake/ unreviewed proxy provided to stay out of trouble. Hope you score your next pair of sneakers with the network of proxies with you.