Are you looking for a BPO call center software? In this article, we will discover the different types of call center software that the BPO industry uses and how you can benefit from it.

call center software

Before diving into the type of call center software, let’s try to understand what is BPO Call Center Software.

BPO Call Center Software

A BPO Call Center Software helps the business to automate business operations such as inbound calls and telesales. It also optimizes the business call process to streamline business activities like call routing, automated dialing, call quality assurance, call monitoring, etc.

A flexible Call center software for BPO does not only optimize the cost of operations, but it will also enhance the productivity of call center agents. 

Additionally, it helps call center agents to deliver exceptional customer experience. How?

Let’s Dive in!

Features of BPO Call Center Software

  1. Interactive Voice Response: With IVR based software, businesses can customize their IVR flow and resolve firs-level or routine queries on IVR. This helps the agents to focus on critical queries and increases first contact resolution significantly. You can create unprecedented customer journeys, guiding them to the right option and routing them to the best-suited agent or department.

Customers do not feel worked up when they are provided with the right solution instantly and they will appreciate your services. 

  • Auto Dialer: Automating your dialing operations save time & money alike. With manual dialing systems, agents only spend 10-15 minutes an hour on the call while the other time is consumed on manually dialing. With an automated dialer, your telesales agents can multiply the number of calls by 2x and sell more while being efficient at other calling operations.

An auto dialer will only route the calls to agents when the call is connected with a live human being and will reject the calls that are not received, disconnected, answered by a machine, or have a busy tone. This saves agents’ time, allowing them to focus on productive calls.

  • Automatic Call Distributor: Routing customers to the right agents with intelligent routing algorithms helps in increasing FCR and customer satisfaction. You can route the customers to their preferred agent, shortening the IVR time, and patching them to the right agent instantly. 

With smart routing logic like persona-based routing, past behavior based routing, emergency call routing, round-robin routing, and First-In-First-Out (FIFO) based routing.

  • CRM Integration: Now, it’s important to preserve the context of each interaction to have qualified conversations. Smartly integrating your call center software with an in-house or third-party CRM will not only help agents deliver superior customer experience, but will increase their productivity. How?

The agents can have meaningful conversations when they get access to customer information like their calling history, previous transactions, etc. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple tabs to retrieve customer information and the agents’ average handling time reduces, as they can focus on resolving customer queries with all the call-related information handy in one place.

  • Reporting & Monitoring Capabilities: Keeping track of real-time activities of each campaign is a must. With comprehensive monitoring capabilities like real-time monitoring, the supervisors can analyze the average handling time, call flow, number of agents available in the queue, customer satisfaction rate, SLA, first contact resolution, etc. to make well-informed decisions and shift the agents to different queues in real-time.

The managers can snoop, whisper, barge, and confer on a live call to provide on-call assistance to the agents, helping them qualify complex queries.

Additionally, multiple reports like Call Quality Assurance Report, Call Abandoned Report, can be fetched or scheduled to be sent to multiple stakeholders at the desired frequency. With these reports, the managers can draw a repetitive pattern, perform behavioral analysis, analyze the performance of different campaigns, and modify their strategy as is required.

With these features in your call center software for BPO, you can deliver a consistent and exceptional customer experience. Ameyo’s contact center software helps businesses work from anywhere with flexible deployment options like on-premise, on-cloud, and hybrid. 

If you work across multiple geographies, then a cloud-based call center software or remote contact center solution should be an ideal solution for your business. Ameyo’s flexible solutions are designed for different business needs and it is trusted by 2,000+ customers across the globe.