If you are a new business owner, then you would already know why it is essential to have a business website with a running business database. These are necessary elements for your continued success. A business website would be the main center of your presence on the internet and the company’s prime face on the digital world. The business database would similarly allow you to make important business strategies and allow you in keeping tabs over the number of people who are visiting your business website. A lot of business owners use WordPress. On WordPress, you will get access to several essential features that are quite popular and would allow you to make easy exports and imports of the business databases. This article will describe to you how you would be able to do this.

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How will WordPress help you in handling your business databases?

Whenever you get a new user to log in or perhaps to sign in your official business website that is powered with WordPress, their information would get automatically stored inside databases by WordPress servers. This will allow you to not only import but also export all essential information from these databases to or from WordPress. There is also a default option which is in built-in WordPress that can help you to import and export your business databases. You will get the chance to save all these in the current business database that you are using. You can also get the chance to migrate your business database. If you were to find any difficult situation while importing or exporting your business database in and out of WordPress, then you can find several options to troubleshoot these too.


Basically, there would be two main ways for importing and exporting business databases in or out of WordPress. The primary methods of doing these are by using plugins. But there is also an alternative method to do the same without using any plugin.

  1. You will use plugins by following this procedure: First, go and check the dashboard on your WordPress. There you will find two tabs which have been labeled “Import/Export.” You will find these within the section of the Tools. You will find the option to Export quite useful in WordPress. You will get the chance to save any data you deem to be relevant for your business in WordPress. This includes several different things like your old posts, your past comments, any alternate tags you put, customized fields, your different pages, categories, and so on. There are plugins for all of these, and you would also not require paying extra money to get these plugins because most of these are available for free on the internet. You will also find a similar tab for importing your business database in the tools section of the dashboard on WordPress.
  1. Exporting user data: In WordPress, you can get a lot of easy ways to save your information in a new business database if you own multiple business websites and share the database between them. You will need to have specific business databases for different business websites, and you can easily go on to export and import these databases when your websites are all made with WordPress without using any plugins. When you want to do this, you will need to use certain specific tools like “PHP my Admin,” and it will let you find ways to interact and also access your different databases which you have on WordPress.

Use options to import or export user databases:

It will be important that you first should click your Export option and then use an easy method to export the user database into an SQL format. However, it is essential that you also choose other methods like a CSV as it may also work for a business website and this will also allow you to browse through your business database on a local device too. You will not see any other settings on this field so you can exit after clicking the last Go option.

WordPress database export: Your PHP, My Admin, will have a copy of your business database saved in your machine. All you would need to do now is open a CSV and then start a new spreadsheet and copy your database. You will easily be able to export your database on the spreadsheet and then use it on your other websites by the My Admin tool.

WordPress database import: First, you should create a backup and then try getting this backup of your business database that had been made earlier. You will need to check the format of your past business database. Your new database will also need to comply with this format. Now you can import your database in your new business website by simply clicking the Go button at the bottom of the page in your WordPress.

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Today, perhaps the most commonly used platform by business owners to make their business website is WordPress. WordPress will reduce a lot of your problems; it is free and open-sourced. It is flexible and will offer you a lot of new privileges. You should follow the methods mentioned here to import and export your business database across your websites easily. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you in managing the database for your business.