Communication is critical more than ever. As companies across the globe strive to strike the right balance between enhanced productivity and safety, communication is the glue that holds it all together. When teams are working in a perimeter-less environment, the biggest challenge is to get everyone involved with minimum glitches, easy setups and no security lapses. Of course, the easiest and most conventional way of email exists, but the modern workforce demands quicker access to resources and colleagues. Also, the diverse workforce of the 21st century encompasses frontline executives and non-desk workers that may or may not have an email

Considering the security angle, social communication channels are out of the question. Moreso, they are an invitation to distraction. So how do leaders ensure that their team is connected and strong as ever, irrespective of the geographical locations? This is exactly why the need for a modern communication strategy arises.

Here’s an insight into why companies should devise an updated communication strategy, if they haven’t done so already! 

You can view the Infographic here from scalefusion

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