Professional behind-the-scene photos and high-quality imaginary depicting business insights are indispensable for building your brand image. However, chances are sooner or later you will have to resort to using stock shots – yes, even if you tend to think most of them are unoriginal, vague, low-quality, and stinky. Surprisingly, if picked accurately and with care, stock images may brilliantly complement your Instagram posts, tweets, marketing materials…actually, whatever is on schedule.

6 Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Indeed, low-cost or even free shots can save you a fortune: a professional photographer charges about $100-$200 per hour; editing isn’t free as well. And now imagine you can get it all on the house and with almost no time consumed…sounds like the way to go, huh? Or imagine you need specific art stock photos – would you hire an artist or load up on free refined images at a photo stock you give credit to? I bet on the latter since it would be by times cheaper and faster.

I hope I’ve said enough to prove to you that royalty-free stock photos are viable, if not inevitable for the imagery of your business. If so, the only thing left is to highlight the best websites, both general and thematic, uncovering heaps of business-oriented images clamoring for your attention. Let’s get the ball rolling!


One of the best low-cost websites to complement your Instagram stories and Twitter posts, Twenty20 requires registration for being able to search for photos on the website. Luckily, that’s where the inconvenience ends: a free trial is an awesome tool to learn whether paying $29 per month for unlimited photos is worth it (spoiler: it is!). The collection of 50 million photos is likely to fill all the visual gaps of your brand, but make sure the photos you’ve picked are approved for commercial use (look for the green checkmark or just enable the correspondent search filter).


Ten high-resolution images for $9.99 isn’t that expensive, right? Depositphotos employs an all-star collection of more than 120 million images, including thousands of business pictures. Just type ‘business’ in the search field to reach gazillions of remarkable stories and precious moments frozen in time. As being said, one month of pure pleasure will cost you $9.99 for 10 images or $199 for 750 photos & vectors of any size. Ultra HD videos are available at $169 per item.

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Most pictures at Reshot deserve your attention, which is not that common for free-of-charge image stocks. You are free to use, distribute, modify, download, copy, and transform the photos the way you want except for you can’t create your own repository. On the whole, the website is neat and intuitive. Also, it suggests you alternative keywords: for instance, it prompts ‘colleagues,’ ‘computers,’ and ‘corporate’ when you search for ‘business’ shots. Reshot categorizes photos into packs so that you can instantly navigate to ‘active lifestyle,’ ‘everyday technology,’ ‘flat lay,’ and about a dozen more ready-made packs.

Death to Stock

If you crave for royalty-free stock photos and prefer quality over quantity, Death to Stock may quench your thirst. However, I would recommend you to start with a 14-day trial membership since even though the imagery is all exclusive, you might not get enough choice to pick the photo you need. The collection includes shots by professional photographers, all approved by the editorial team. The annual subscription costs $120, but you can also pay $15 each month.


Started in 2013 by Viktor Hanacek, Picjumbo paved its way towards a well-known medium-sized photo repository. All images are divided into categories and most of them are free, although you are also offered premium memberships for $10 to $40 per month to unlock over 100 ever-growing exclusive photo collections.

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Whether you are into photos or not, you must have heard of Shutterstock as one of the most exhaustive photo stocks on the web. And that’s just true! The service encompasses more than 220 million images, illustrations, and other marketing materials updated every week. The price tag isn’t that scary – $49 for 10 images per month, but even if you are not all for paying for images, you can take advantage of a 1-month free trial equipped with 10 free shots.

Wrap Up: Beautify Your Business with Royalty-Free Stock Photos

A caring marketer, designer, let alone company owner, would never dismiss the opportunity to explore new ways to improve business algorithms. If you are not into stock photos yet, maybe it’s time to research this undervalued tool capable of taking your marketing routine to the next level. Loads of classy images are awaiting you on best photo stocks – just dig them out.