In a highly saturated marketplace, the competition for generating leads is bound to get tougher and tougher. One of the best ways to make sure that your business can achieve growth and maintain relevance is to boost your customer acquisition methods. However, things are easier said than done when crucial factors such as your marketing budget and online presence enter the picture.

Here are 6 Smart Ways To Boost Customer Acquisition

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If you’re looking for ways to improve your customer acquisition, you may feel disheartened with the fact that marketing has gotten a lot more expensive. Since the cost of acquiring new customers has doubled by 50% over the past few years, amplifying customer acquisition efforts have turned into a common problem for many companies.

Fortunately, there are other ways you can accelerate customer acquisition without breaking the bank. Read this guide to learn more.

  • Build your Online Presence with Content

Selling the idea of your brand through content is one of the best ways to boost your customer acquisition rates. Regardless of what stage of the buyer’s journey your prospects are in, questions are bound to arise and make them think twice before making a transaction.

If they find a business page that provides all the necessary answers, they’ll most likely end up closing a deal with that brand. Creating valuable pieces of content such as blogs, videos, and infographics can be beneficial in more ways than one.

Other than giving your customers a better understanding of your products and services, it strengthens your online presence and helps establish yourself as a trustworthy figure in your industry. Paired with the right link building and social media tactics and you’ll be able to reach a larger audience base in no time.

  • Boost Brand Awareness Through Social Media

With over 2 billion active users scrolling through their social media daily, your next customers are likely active on multiple platforms. With so many pieces of content landing on their timelines, it would definitely be leverage for your business if you can make it to their feeds.

Similar to email marketing, social media allows you to connect with people organically. It will enable you to share the content you’ve made and gives you an avenue to casually converse with your audience. But, the main thing that makes social media platforms so useful is its targeting capabilities.

Having a good organic reach is nice, but if you have the budget, you can switch up your campaign further through paid advertising services.

To give you an example, Facebook ads have targeting features that make sure your campaign material is delivered to the right set of eyes.  At the same time, it also gives you valuable pieces of customer information that can be useful in developing strategies.

  • Amplify Your Promotions through Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Your social media and content strategies definitely play a vital role in customer acquisition, but if your campaigns aren’t being amplified by SEM, you’re missing out on a ton of conversion opportunities. Google processes over 4 billion searches daily, and investing in SEM can quickly place your business on top of the search engine results page (SERPs).

Over the years, search engine optimization (SEO) has established itself as one of the most popular customer acquisition methods. When paired with the right practices, it can extend your content’s mileage and earn you a higher ranking in the SERPs. SEO is technically free, but it can take some time before you start to see any improvements.

If you want to see quick results, you should take note that Google also provides PPC services. Research shows that every time a business spends $1.60 for Google Ads, they acquire an average return of $3. As long as you manage your budget and plan your strategy well, SEM can do wonders for your company.

  • Make the Most Out of Email Marketing

With so many tools in a digital marketer’s arsenal, email gets often overlooked. At first glance, it may seem like an outdated lead acquisition tactic, but when done correctly, it can actually be gratifying. Similar to social media, this channel allows you to engage directly with your consumers.

Since everyone on your mailing list fits the characteristics of your established buyer persona, everyone is likely interested in the products, content, or promos included in your personalized messages.

You can also analyze user behavior and gain a ton of valuable data that can be useful in improving your campaign and services. The process of collecting customer data and sending out hundreds of messages can be very tedious, but with the help of automation software, things should be a breeze.

  • Double the Ante on Customer Retention

Customer acquisition is essential, but retention is what allows a business to achieve its full potential. Thanks to the introduction of review platforms, people rely greatly on the experiences of past clients when looking for a company to partner with.

Since consumers will trust the recommendations of their peers more than anything, maintaining a good image in the market has never been more important. 

Your ability to provide a pleasant customer experience can define the success of your brand. You may have excellent campaign material lined, but if you’re regularly receiving negative feedback on your site or social media accounts, you’re going to miss out on a lot of conversion opportunities.

At the end of the day, creating a pleasant browsing experience and providing excellent customer service should also be one of your main priorities.

By keeping your customers happy, they’ll eventually turn into advocates of your brand and recommend your services to others. Practically speaking, keeping your clients satisfied can also reduce your expenses since customer acquisition costs 5 times more money.