College time is a dream for many students. First, moving out form parents gives the possibility to observe your life from a different angle. When in the first year of classes, you are feeling a little bit unfocused and stressed after the studies changed your rhythms, the next year it is totally different. Many students decide to move on and discover the world traveling.

travel hacks

You are creating the routes, buying tickets, packing bags, and then you remember about your work still not done. Any rush can spoil everything. At the end of the semester, teachers say to make dozens of essays in the short term, that’s why you are spending hours surfing from one writing service to another to find cheap essays as at EssayShark. These essay services may help you to get rid of unrest and give a little freedom in your hands.

Deliver all your energy not only in the studying process and getting excellent marks, but also in the journey, which gives you a lot of new emotions and fresh, inspiring thoughts.

We are presenting ten life hacks of how to travel without big expenses and get more from adventure.

  1. Make an ISIC

Show everybody that you are a student! Don’t be shy to ask your teacher or college administrator about the procedure to issue individual student’s card such as ISIC (student travel card) or IYTC (youth travel card). This document saves you a lot of money in museums, cafes, restaurants and even in hostels.

  1. Book the Accommodation Profitably

Never book your accommodation in advance. Early booking deprived of mobility, and besides, it is more expensive.

Always look for lodging locally. Go to McDonalds or place like this, where Wi-Fi is, look at the prices for housing or hostels at present, but do not book anything, just write down the addresses. Come to the hotel or hostel, find out the price, and bargain, of course. Sometimes it can low down the cost twice.

If you are traveling with your boyfriend or girlfriend, tell everyone that you have a honeymoon. Hotel’s administrator will probably upgrade a class of hotel service or offer some bonuses. 

  1. Live With Locals

Only lazy advisers don’t mention about Couchsurfing service. Somebody may see it possibly dangerous to live with a stranger, but nobody denies safety precautions. Don’t go to live alone with somebody, and it is much easier to protect yourself if you travel with a friend or a group. Also, the decisive factor is pre-communication online. While chatting, find out as much as you can about the owner of the property, from whom you got a proposal.

Searching the accommodation through Couchsurfing is not only profitable but also enjoyable. You get acquainted with the local people and their culture.

  1. Buy Affordable Tickets on Flights

domestic flights tickets

If you are planning domestic flights, we are recommending not to take tickets in advance. Probably, buying tickets on the spot will be much cheaper.

Look for tickets among the local airlines even if you don’t know the language. Ask for the help of local people.

If you were planning to travel somewhere a long time ago, but you are still at home, then buy a ticket three months before. Even if you have no big money for a vacation, you have three months to earn. In this case, you will have a reason to travel, because it is a pity to lose a ticket.

  1. Eat Cheaply

Rarely you may see the student eating in a fancy restaurant. Find out about the places where locals are eating. It may be not a sophisticated service, but the food is healthy and much cheaper than in touristic areas.

  1. Find Out About City Cards

When you are visiting a new city, find out about local discount cards. They may help you a lot to save from significant expenses on public transport, cafes, and other touristic places as museums and theaters.

Always find out in advance about places that are interesting for you: there are museum days when you can visit attractions for free in many cities. The same may apply to holiday dates and events.

  1. Choose Cheap Communication Method

Plan in advance of how you will deal with mobile connection when you are abroad. Many people are still using Skype for cheap calls when there is no Wi-Fi connection outside public places. Find out in your country about international calls from your mobile operator or buy a special international sim-card. Affordable calls are essential in any situation, especially if you are in a foreign country.

  1. Rent the Transport

rent the transport

Experienced drivers often discover new countries on the wheels.  If you are not going to sit in one place, but want to develop a whole travel route or explore the surroundings, then the car will help you a lot. Therefore before you rent a car, evaluate the pros and cons.

If you are not confident in your driving skills, because you are a young student, then a bike may be a good alternative for you. You may rent it in the most major European cities for about 10 euros per day.

  1. Make Visa By Yourself

If you are going to any exotic country, find out about visa requirements in advance. Some consulates are asking for visa applying.

There is no need to go to expensive touristic agencies to ask them for help. You may order a visa by yourself without overpayments.

  1. Plan Your Budget

There are many unforeseen travel expenses: extra charge for excess luggage, snacks, souvenirs, etc. At first, they may seem like small expenses, but it can easily hit your budget. You should also keep in mind that no one is protected from extra costs. It could be an accident, or an illness, or, for example, a car breakdown. Therefore, in such cases, you should have extra money.

When making a travel budget, remember that its most important quality is flexibility in any journey.


We hope these points will be useful for your next trip. Some of them you already knew, and some of them were extraordinary discovery. We wish you an evocative journey that may happen only to the students with a limited budget. Because later, when you are successful and wealthy, you will not appreciate that travel freedom, as possibilities that life gives you when you are young and brave.