For those who want to preserve their malunggay leaves, this kind of material can be processed into tea and food supplement in form of capsules. This processing technology is a way to preserve the harvested malunggay leaves. The Bureau of Plant Industry through its Malunggay Technical Team developed this technology to be simple and economical.

malunggay capsule

From the malunggay plant, we have been able to derive antibiotic’s, medicines to treat arthritis, rheumatism, gout, cramp, boils, sexually transmitted disease and has also been known to help lower cholesterol in people.

Traditionally the leaves are being used by lactating mothers as a stimulant for them to improve production of breast milk. Usually it is prepared in soup form but now with the advent of capsules and tea, options for the intake of malunggay has widened.

Processing the Malunggay are as follows:

A. Harvesting. Harvest 2-3 young green compound leaves that show no signs of yellowing. Place collected leaves in a tray and transport them in a drying shade.

B. Sorting and Cleaning. Immediately after harvest, clean and sort out collected the leaves from unnecessary materials such as dust and other foreign particles.

C. Air-Drying. Lay out the leaves on a clean sheet of paper for 2-3 days. Manila paper, bond papers, and other similar materials can be used as the drying mat of the foliage. Do not sun dry for it would destroy Vitamins and minerals. Expect for the weight of leaves to decrease after drying. After the drying time, shake off the leaflets from the leaf petioles. The leaves will naturally fall-off or detach from the petiole.

D. Shaking in screen or basket. Shake the dried leaves by using a 0.2-0.3cm fine mesh to remove leaf petiole that was shed out during the drying period. This process will eliminate other unnecessary materials that were incorporated in the dried leaves during the drying period.

E. Pan Roasting. It is recommended to roast the leaves to further reduce the moisture and sanitize the leaf materials. This is done by constantly turning over the air dried leaves for 2-3 minutes the in a pan over a low fire. This process also helps preserve the leaves and improve the tea’s flavor. Be careful not to overcook the leaves. Place the roasted leaves in a transparent plastic bag, tighten the bag and crush the bag until the leaflets are broken into tiny powder particles.

F. Storage. Storage conditions affect Malunggay tea quality and flavor. As much as possible do not expose the material directly to sun and air. Pack and store the leaves in a cool, dry, dark place in air-tight containers like glass jars.

How to make Malunggay Capsules

To make malunggay capsule, powder the roasted malunggay leaves by using a kitchen food processor or blender. Empty capsules can be bought from drug stores. Fill-in the empty capsules manually with the powdered leaves. If mass production is desired, a capsuling machine can be used. It is recommended that in manual procedure, our hands should be sanitized with alcohol. Place the filled-in capsules in amber bottles or any appropriate container. Small transparent plastic bags can also be used as packaging materials for the malunggay capsule. The finished product should be stored in a dry place or in a refrigerator, just ensure that our product is kept dried. These malunggay capsules are now ready to be taken orally as a natural food supplement.

Brewed Malunggay Tea

To make a tea, place half a teaspoonful of crushed dried leaves of malunggay in a tea bag. Empty tea bags can be bought from food processing stores or sometimes Chinese drug stores. Seal the bag using a mechanical sealer or a small stapler.

1 malunggay tea bag
1 cup of hot water

Bring the water to boiling point and add enough water to submerge the malunggay tea bags and let it sit for a few seconds before pouring out the water. Add hot water and let the malunggay tea leaves steep for 1-3 minutes.

Brewed Malunggay Iced Tea

1 malunggay tea bag
1 cup/glass of water with ice
1 tsp sugar or honey

Bring the water to boiling point and add enough water to submerge the malunggay tea leaves and let it sit for a few seconds before pouring out the water. Add hot water and let the malunggay tea bag steep for 1-3 minutes. Place unrefined sugar or honey into a second tea pot if desired. Pour the hot tea into the tea pot and stir. Place ice in cups or glass and pour the hot tea into it. Let the tea cool for a few minutes before drinking. Add ice to have a cold drink.