No one can underestimate the power of being certified. Even if you have been ranked the best employee of the month in a row but you are not certified, you will realize that your career progression is greatly hampered. You have every reason to make sure that you are certified now more than ever. Competition for jobs in the 21st century has intensified. As more IT careers and opportunities open up, only the individuals with certified skills will stand a chance of getting employed. That’s because an IT certification gives you some kind of competitive advantage that is not easy to find.

You may be the best employee in your company but you still need to become Microsoft certified. One of the most popular certifications offered by Microsoft is MCSA: Cloud Platform credential. In this ExamSnap guide, we will explore the reasons that may make you become certified even if you think you are good at your job .

#1: It is the best way to show your value.

We at ExamSnapknow that the employers require those employees who can add value to their organization. Their interest is not just to add more people to the payroll. Rather, they want to be sure that they will get value for their investment. Employing you is considered as an investment and you need to show that indeed you are valuable. Earning a certification indicates that you have certain knowledge and skills, which can be used whenever the organization finds itself in some challenging situation. The certificate also sends a strong message to your employer that you are a valuable team member. As such, they would not be in a hurry to terminate any contract with you. As a matter of fact, they are interested in keeping you around for an extended period of time.

When the firm wants to introduce a new piece of technology, they will be sure to check with you as you are considered an expert on this matter. Because you are certified on the Microsoft Azure technology, you will be able to give the best advice on whether or not it is a viable option.

#2: It is a personal marketing strategy.

We live and operate in a competitive world. The available jobs can only be taken up by people who can stand out from the competition. As a result, you need to do something that gives you a competitive advantage. Whereas many years of experience is an advantage, there are many individuals with such experiences. On the other hand, an IT certification is unique in making you an excellent candidate for a given employment opportunity.

Being Microsoft 70-533 certified has some marketing element attached to it. The credential presents you as the person who is at the top of your industry. The Microsoft certifications are an unbiased barometer of your capability. The fact that the 70-533 exam is offered through such a reputable with global recognition, adding it to your CV makes you glamorous. This kind of glamor you have is what companies are always looking out for. This kind of marketing is sure to land you gigs that you never expected you can win.

#3: It keeps you updated with the industry trends.

Technology changes at such a rapid rate. As an IT professional, you have to remain current with any changes taking place in your industry. There is no better way to do so rather than to undertake the Microsoft 70-533 certification exam. Of course, your college degree may have touched on these technologies. However, what was current when you were studying could easily become obsolete on your graduation date. The certifications are a direct proof that you have earned new skills that can be used to solve current industry problems.

#4: It is the requirement for employment.

The employers want the best candidates for the advertised positions. As a result, they normally include a number of requirements that must be met before you can think of making an application for the vacancy. Certification has become one of the commonly asked requirement. If you do not certify any of these, you are easily locked out of the position. The certificates are considered to be a serious requirement going by the fact that they prove you are dedicated to your profession. They show that you are willing to learn and that you will do all it takes to increase your career ranking.

#5: It is a basis to earn more money.

A lot of money is spent in striving to become certified. You are required to pay not only to register for the exam ($165) but also to buy course materials. As a result, it would make no sense to spend all this money only for you not experience any returns. If you invest in your certification, you expect to see a positive impact on your salary.While you were being hired for the first time, you came in with certain skillsets that the organization was willing to pay you a given amount of salary. These skills get improved throughout the working process as well as by acquiring a new certificate. With the Microsoft credential, you have a basis of an argument that you have something new to offer, thus, you should be compensated in terms of the salary you are given. It could also be the basis of awarding you a promotion, which translates to more money.

#6: It offers you professional credibility.

We must acknowledge that the process of earning a certification involves a great deal of sacrifice from the candidate. You give up a lot of family time as well as time that you would have used to hang out with friends. Your colleagues take note of this and respect the fact that you would do all it takes just to make you a viable professional. The professional credibility attached to credentials could be the basis for salary increments, new job offerings, and promotions.

As you can see, you have every reason to pass the Microsoft 70-533 exam and earn the relevant certification even if you think you are good at what you do.We hope that this ExamSnap guide will be useful for you. If you are looking for reliable and updated 70-533 preparatory materials, you can visit the ExamSnapwebsite at any time. On ExamSnap, you will find fresh practice tests that you can use to evaluate the level of your knowledge and then pass your test with confidence.Also note that 70-533 exam is going to be replaced with exams AZ-100 and AZ-101 in near future, so follow the updates on the officialMicrosoft website.