The Microsoft 70-473 certification exam checks the IT professional’s knowledge and skills in terms of the Microsoft Azure technology. In particular, the individuals seeking to validate their skills are required to demonstrate that they can design and implement the Cloud data platform solutions. There are a number of languages that you can use to write this test, including English, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified). Passing the test allows you to earn the MCSE certification.

This exam does not require that the candidates cover a great deal of topics. As a matter of fact, you are provided with only four skill areas, which are also presented at the official Microsoft website:

  • Monitoring and managing Azure database implementation
  • Designing and implementing security
  • Designing and implementing Microsoft SQL Server database solutions
  • Designing scalability, disaster recovery and high availability

However, do not be deceived by the limited number of sections. When you divide the sections into subtopics, it is revealed that you have quite a lot of work to do. The assumption that this exam is not detailed tends to lead to a state where most candidates do not get the cut score.

The following are some of the reasons why some people fail to pass the Microsoft 70-473 exam.

  1. Failure to set aside sufficient study hours

The Microsoft 70-473 certification exam covers a wider range of skill areas. The candidates are tested on four different subjects, each of them has detailed subtopics. Thus, when you do not set aside enough study hours, you are more likely to leave so many areas uncovered resulting to your failure.

It is understandable that some people simply do not have time to study for a certification test. You wake up early in the morning to get ready for work. You spend countless hours in traffic jam and still need to go about your daily duties. Your friends and family also want you to allocate time for them. Where else would you get the extra time to study for the certification exam?

When one has such a mentality, the chances to fail in the exam are so high. Due to poor time management, it may be difficult to pass the test, no matter how much time you have before the exam date. Most candidates do not realize that it is possible to change a little your time management. For example, if you normally wake up at 7 a.m., you could start waking up at 5 a.m. just to have extra 2 hours to conduct your studies. You could also get a resource such as a book that you can use while stuck on traffic jam or read during your work’s lunch break. The idea about the lack of time to learn resides in your mind. If you have a purpose, you can easily create more than enough study time.

  1. Failure to understand the exam structure

There is no way you can be successful at something that you do not have any clue about. Most candidates schedule the Microsoft 70-473 certification exam without taking time to review the different areas that they will be tested on. They go ahead and begin to study without even understanding what they should focus on. They are often misguided by the notion that as long as they have experience in Office 365, they will be able to pass the test. That is not true. Visit the official webpage for the Microsoft 70-473 exam to learn more about its structure.

  1. Poorly designed study plan

A good study plan must factor in all the facets involved in the main exam. If you have an inefficient study plan, it means that you risk to failure. A bad blueprint creates the illusion that you are conducting your studies as you should whereas that is not true. You may find yourself paying attention to areas that you have already understood.

Therefore, create an excellent and detailed study plan and make sure that it is as effective as possible. Be sure that it is not designed to suit your needs. On the contrary, the blueprint ought to be made in such a way that all key areas are covered and that they are allocated enough time based on their percentage weight. Do not make a study plan just to have time for parties. Make it with the goal of having more time to get ready for your exam.

  1. Too much memorizing and less learning

The students are always misguided by the notion that all they need to do is to cram. As such, they gather as many resources as they can. However, instead of studying and get key knowledge as they should, they end up using these resources just for memorization. When these people appear in the exam, they panic and all that they had crammed gets forgotten.

When you memorize too much, you lose confidence in your ability to respond to the exam’s questions. Passing the test is tied purely on your ability to recall what you crammed. Microsoft 70-473 is all about being able to implement practically what you have learnt. Theoretical knowledge is crucial, but it plays a smaller role for your success compared to practical skills. Thus, do not spend hours cramming stuff, use this time to review whatever you are studying and take notes of key concepts.

Do not make the common mistakes of the candidates. Properly plan your studies and nothing will hinder you from excelling in the 70-473 exam.