You’ve probably heard someone say that “sitting is the new smoking.” With the apparent myriad of complications that accompany a sedentary lifestyle, it’s not difficult to assume the reasons why. However, the message of this warning is difficult to completely take into practice as the working environment of most people requires them to sit for eight hours a day.

This brings the pressing issue of ergonomics in the workspace to center stage. Office space designers and flexible workspace owners now have to be mindful of the layouts they want to construct and build for the welfare of the majority—that means offshore talents under staff leasing contacts, too. And if you already have a workspace, it’s not too difficult to adjust and have a more ergonomic work area either.

Here are helpful tips and recommendations you can enforce in your office to instill ergonomics and prioritize the health of your employees.

Go Ergonomic - How to Make Healthier Work Space 1