One of the essential aspects of all employee identification systems is the ability to have a program to monitor the time and punctuality of employees correctly. This is highly essential as it can help in accessing the daily time and the attendance information of employees for their payrolls, their cost of labor and also for the billing of the clients. In this article, you will learn about how you can customize your employees’ identity cards to include these time-related services comprehensively.

It is important for you to manage a business effectively and it can seem like a burden and a redundant process at times to have to get every employee manually checked every day. Besides this, you will also have to spend a lot of money and time in doing this. Automating the entire identifying and time tracking procedure will help you out in this regard. Proper identification and time clock software is backed with strong SQL databases and software engines with built-in report writing systems, which would gather all the data about employee attendances quickly, efficiently and without fail.

A lot of time clock and identification programs do this by having a unique identification employee badge which is easy to customize and will clock time-based reports. These badges will help in logging in the precise data like activity, departments, shifts, employee leaves and so on. These badges will help you in getting detailed reports so that you can see the various individual entries to assist in your detailed analysis. Also, these badges will help the software to give summarized reports for effective management and accounting to streamline the payroll procedure.

Thus, the benefits that you can expect are listed below:

  1. Detailed summarized reports – Your employee identity badges will allow a time clock program to function properly and provide you various types of reports. You will get the daily time and the date of attendance. You will get detailed reports of all the recorded starting and stopping times for all your employees along with their time of leaves. You will have summarized reports of total hours that employees worked.
  2. Identification procedure You will be able to get detailed information about the people who enter your office or business premises, and you will have no cause of worry that an unidentified person or an intruder had come in. This will bolster the security of your establishment also. In a large business organization, there are a lot of people who come in and go, and this can increase the security risks, but with employee identity cards, this can get effectively neutralized because you know that only people with authority can access your secured or secret zones.
  3. Selecting and sorting – The employee identification badges will help you to check the specific data that you want to get sorted and how it needs to get grouped. The badges will help in reporting who is entering and going and where they are going along with the duration of their stays there. You will have complete access to all these pieces of information which can help in simplifying your security protocols and managing your business organization. It will also help your company to function in a better manner.
  4. Display options – You can have digital display badges which will show the name and designation of the employees for easy identification between employees and you can also add any other relevant information that you want. These digital badges will help you in getting a complete report of what your employees are doing and where they are going. All of these will help you to secure your premises in a better manner. You will get summarized reports of all the information at the end.
  5. Signature lines – It is a vital aspect of the identification badge of any employee to have the signature line which can acknowledge the amount of time that an employee worked in an accurate and unbiased manner as it will affect how much they are paid. You can customize the signature line’s texts to express the specific business policies that are being followed.
  6. Formatting of the reports It will be extremely easy for you to format the exact layout of the pages of your reports. You will easily be able to configure what the font sizes, margins, and line spacing would be in your reports.
  7. Simplify the payment procedure With all the details that the customized employee identification badge will give you, you will be able to quickly generate reports to help you in calculating the payment that each employee rightly deserves. You will have all information about the regular hours, the overtimes, and the leaves and so on that your employees took, and this data can be computed to give you an idea of what their payments should be. You can also monitor and flag employees easily based on their performances from the reports.
  8. Manage the cost of maintaining labors – Although it is not that obvious, but is still crucial for the business enterprise that you run. You can use the same employee identification badges and cards to help in accounting for the labor costs. You can include the gross wages you pay them and the labor hours that they put in along with the duration of their activity in particular departments. All of this will help in managing your business organization more effectively.

You can find a lot of different companies and agencies with strong reputations who can make these custom id badges for your company.


In any large business organization, it is important to be aware of the people who enter and leave the premises and how much work the employees do. Having customized identity badges will help you in dealing with both these issues, secure your premise against intruders and clock the time of work for your employees. This will further help you in managing your business more effectively.