Everyone needs a little change in ambiance every once in a while. That’s why most people prefer to go outside and travel to new places. But sometimes all we need to do is to energize our own home. Since this is where we spend most of our time, it certainly deserves a little upgrade every now and then. But with all the fancy and overpriced home decors out there, sprucing up our space has always become the least priority. Who needs decor more than food?

upgrades for your home

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But upgrading your home doesn’t need to drill a hole in your wallet. There are a lot of easy and most importantly, cheap DIY projects you could do to give your home the facelift it badly needs. Here are seven tips for you try right away.

Boost Your Drawer Space

If there’s one area in the house that’s always inefficiently used, they’re your drawers. It probably contains a pile of mixed up things and a lot of clutter. But a little tweak and creativity could bring your drawers more space and functionality. Creating divisions or zones can maximize the space in your drawers. Plus, it could save your time looking for a specific item instead of going through a mountain of things you don’t need. You can repurpose old carton boxes of shoes, cereal boxes or even tissue paper rolls to create partitions in your drawers for a cheaper option.

Cover Unsightly Shelves With A Curtain

We all have that one shelf that contains a myriad of things that that looks rather unsightly. If there’s no other space to hide them, cover them with a nice curtain of your choice, an equally stylish and quick fix. Choose a curtain that goes well with the theme of your home or even a bright one for a pop of unexpected color. If you’re feeling artsy, you can paint a plain canvass with whatever you like for a more personal feel.

Go for Half Painted Walls

Whether you’re afraid to get on a ladder for a full coverage paint job, or just trying to minimize cost for buying a lot of paint, half painted walls are the answer! Half painted walls even gives an illusion for a higher ceiling. It even injects a refreshing feel in your home as it puts quite a different and artistic vibe.

Hide wall Blemishes with Pictures

Chipped paint, wall blisters, nail holes, or any other wall imperfections are sometimes distracting. If you don’t have time for repainting or hole filling, you can always just hang your pictures over them for cover. You can even add a cluster of pictures and create unique and personalized wall art. No one would ever think you were covering something in the first place.

Add Storage With Floating Shelves

You don’t have to buy expensive shelving or new cabinets to add storage to your house. A brilliant and easy way to do this is to create hanging shelves. But don’t limit yourselves with the use of wooden materials as shelving. You can always get creative by searching for alternative materials that you’ve already deemed useless. You can use old PVC pipes and cut them into smaller lengths then pile them on a wall for shoe storage, or you can even use old books and stick them on the wall for a more stylish accent. This is a stunning way to add storage or display your personal items such as pictures and other trinkets.

Repaint Your Door

Repainting all your walls could be a little expensive and requires a lot of effort, but if you badly been craving for a burst of color in your house, painting your doors can transform the mood just the same. Cheery colored doors are wonderful accents that could energize and liven up your space. And this project only requires a lesser amount of paint, a cheaper upgrade than wall repainting.

Try The Sticker Wallpaper

If you’re not in for a painting session, you can still replenish your walls by using a sticker wallpaper. If you haven’t seen the expanded range of wallpapers nowadays, you’re missing a treat. Wallpapers have now become popular and most of them are cheap too. And you don’t have to buy a lot since you may opt to cover just portions of your house for accents. This is especially great in plain walls to add instant character. All you have to do is stick these wallpapers and you now have a dramatic wall transformation!

There are a lot of DIY projects you can try, or you can even create your own! You can always get creative in your home decor. The more personalized they are, the more you’ll feel comfortable and proud of your space. So stop skipping the house upgrade and start with the easy and cheap DIY tips mentioned above!