If you’ve never tried online advertising for your business, you’re definitely missing out. Online placements are the way to go, and what better place to start than on Facebook.

With an estimated 2.23 billion monthly users, this social media giant will let you promote or market your products and services to a global audience or to a specific target demographic.

The first step into posting your Facebook advertisement is choosing between two ways on how to place your ad. You may let Facebook choose for you (Automatic Placement) or do it manually yourself (Edit Placement). The former has a lower average cost overall as per Facebook, while the latter is ideal if you already know where your previous campaigns performed well.

Aside from Facebook itself, you can also choose to post your ads on their affiliated apps and sites like Instagram. In this infographic, you will learn the kind of ad formats supported by each type of placement, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

facebook advertising