For every company and company owner in this world there is an advertising approach each one thinks is the right one for their company and the promotional advertising done there. It’s okay to have unusual ideas but there are some things that should be done and others that shouldn’t be done that are universal to making everyone’s advertising as effective as possible.

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Don’t expect that every advertising attempt will reach the masses. In most cases it is best to target one or two specific groups of people than it is to try and target all groups at once. Don’t think that you have to spend a lot of money on advertising; with items like promotional products for instance a small investment can go a long way. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; use multiple forms of advertising for the greatest overall impact on your business. Don’t be afraid to be bold, the bolder messages and colors are those that usually get the most attention.

Then there are the do’s to help your advertising impact. Do make sure you have a business plan in place that anticipates the rewards of the money spent on advertising. Do have a positive expectation of what people feel about your business and that they will help you with your advertising. Do give out promotional products like pens and magnets on a non stop basis, their effectiveness may be more than you think. Do keep thinking and stretching your marketing to be better than the competition. Do have your staff and clients involved in some of your decision making about advertising, they have a good perspective and will help with creativity.

The options for making your company bigger and to do good advertising for it are vast and wide ranging. It’s up to your business as to how you want to proceed but the company will be well served by adhering to the do’s and don’ts listed here.

Just keep building from the inside out and from the outside in and true success will be yours. Don’t focus on the competitor, just keep focus on your own business and you will cultivate it beyond your wildest dreams.

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