A business owner is loaded with multiple responsibilities and has to do multiple tasks, but the most important task on the agenda should be to create brand awareness. There is no use of having the best product in the market if people are not aware about it. Having a brand is of no use unless you make people aware about your brand. Spending a huge amount on marketing cannot guarantee success; as building a brand is different than creating an ad campaign. It requires implementation of proper strategies over a stipulated time. Here, we have discussed 4 sneaky ways that will help you to create brand awareness:

4 Sneaky Ways to Build Brand Awareness 1

1. Create stunning business cards

The small business cards can play a huge role for building the business. They play a distinctive role in building and maintain the market presence of the brand. Business cards help to keep the business growing as they as they are very convenient and easy to use. With the help of one business card you can share all the contact details about your business. They have a vital role to play rather than just sharing the contact details, they create first impression of your business. They help in building the brand as they make your venture more recognized. Business cards that are creative and are more appealing are likely to create a lasting impact and help you to remain in the memories of the customer. They help you to develop more credibility and legitimacy for your brand.

2. Explore power of social media

People have become so engrossed in social media that it has become the part and parcel of their everyday life. People share their daily lives, activities and even their purchases on social media. Social media can play a significant role in raising the awareness of the brand and raising the brand profile as it provides a platform to the brand where they can directly connect to the customers. Whenever customers talk about your product or like your product they are indirectly promoting your brand. By selecting the appropriate platforms and implementing the correct strategy companies can get maximum benefit by being active on social media. For example: Companies like SelectSpecs and Fresh Egg were able to reach a wider audience by promoting a competition on their social media channels. They were able to reach over 49,000 people on Facebook and 39,000 people on Twitter. With the help of social media they were able to connect to mass audience.

3. Use referral programs

Word-of-mouth marketing is considered to be the best form of marketing as it spreads at a faster pace and increases the brand awareness. Your customers will willingly spread word of mouth if there is any extra perk for them. Many firms have benefited launching some smart referral programs. Example: Dropbox has benefited greatly by launching the referral program. It gives 500MB extra storage space to their existing customers for every new reference (upto 16GB). This referral program had played a keep role in its advertising and it helped the brand to get popularity without spending hefty amount on advertising.

4. Creat an infographics that speaks about you

Infographics are a bright and colorful way to represent information or data. It is a great and even inexpensive way of creating brand awareness. These data gets shared far and wide thereby increasing the website traffic. As per the research done it was found that an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a textual article. Moreover, it was also found that in 2013, Google has recorded more than 67,000 searches per month for the term ‘infographics’. Furthermore, infographics are highly shareable as they provide information very quickly and are usually actionable.


Brand awareness can’t be created overnight as it is a gradual process that can be achieved by shouting about your brand and making it come across more eyeballs. Brand awareness can only be achieved through the combination of well thought activities and strategies.

By: Sophia Harris is an educational and marketing consultant at stunited.org. She loves to write about new insights and information regarding education, learning and management tips.