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How to Start a Sweet Sorghum Farming Business

Sweet sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] is similar to grain sorghum with sugar-rich stalks. Being a water-use efficient crop, sweet sorghum has the potential to be a good alternative feedstock for ethanol production. It is a multi-purpose crop which can be cultivated for simultaneous production of grain from its earhead as food and feed ingredients, [&hellip

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Soon to hit the market: An anti-diabetic, natural sweetener from sweet sorghum

A natural sweetener from sweet sorghum syrup will be hitting the market soon. And it comes in fine, milky-looking powder form. When asked how different the sweet sorghum sweetener is from the commercially available sweetener in the market, Mr. Antonio S. Arcangel, general manager of the Bapamin Enterprise, had no qualms in proudly stating the [&hellip

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Investments in 500-1,000-hectare sweet sorghum plantation eyed for the San Carlos Bioenergy facility in Negros Occidental

The National Sweet Sorghum Program (NSSP) is consolidating investments for a 500 to 1,000-hectare land for sweet sorghum as bioethanol feedstock which has a ready market in the San Carlos Bioenergy Inc. (SCBI). At a production cost of P45,000 to P55,000 per hectare, the plantation will require a low investment of P22.5 million (500 hectares) [&hellip

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