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How to Raise Free-Range Chickens

Free-Range system is best adapted to small-scale farmers who raise chickens for household and commercial consumption. This low-cost free-range system increases the commercial value of poultry products. Chicken Breeds Suitable for a Free-Range System. * Local chickens or crossbreds of Rhode Island x local chickens. * Chinese chickens such as Tam Hoang or Luong Phuong

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Probiotic-based Swine Raising Guide

Probiotics-based Swine Raising Guide. Peñalosa Farms is a model for integrated natural swine raising business practice that includes a no-bath system and low-cost housing with flooring made from natural compost ingredients

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Organic Fertilizers from Farm Waste Adopted by Farmers in the Philippines

The Philippines’ Department of Agriculture has been promoting the production of High Value Crops (HVCs) in order for farmers to earn higher income. Instead of using inorganic fertilizers, however, vegetable and fruit growers had been taught to use indigenous microorganisms (IMO) and fermented farm products as part of a nutrient management component based on the [&hellip

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