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How to Start a Nata de Coco Production Business

Nata de Coco is a product of fermentative action of Acetobacter xylinum- a thick translucent, gelatinous food product. Nata de coco can be sweetened as desserts or candies. It is commonly used as an ingredient in sweet fruit salads, pickles, fruit cocktails, drinks, ice cream, gourmet dishes and other recipes. Nata de Coco is one [&hellip

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Nata de Coco Recipes

A natural high fiber food with a unique texture, nata makes a versatile ingredient -main dishes, juices, ice cream, yogurt, salads, desserts, bakery items and whatever else the creative mind can concoct! Manila Roll Ingredients Nata de Coco Mango Mayonnaise Sushi Roll Nori Procedure: 1. Get 1/2 nori and put on a maki mat. 2. [&hellip

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How to Make Nata de Coco from Coconut Water

Nata de coco is a white to creamy yellow, translucent, jelly-like substance formed by acetobacter aceti subspecies Xylinium, on the surface of sugar enriched coconut water. It is popularly used as a dessert. It is also used as an ingredient in other food products, such as ice cream, halo-halo, fruit cocktails, etc. Materials: Coconut water [&hellip

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How to Make Nata de Coco from Coconut Milk

Another way of making Nata de Coco is by using coconut milk instead of its water. The same procedure in making Nata de Coco can be applied. Nata de Coco Using Coconut Milk Materials: 1 kilo Grated coconut 600 gms. Refined sugar 325 c Glacial acetic acid (available in drugstores) 1/2 liter Coconut water 12 [&hellip

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