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Ilocos garlic growers to market garlic to Jollibee, Splash Foods at 13.5 tons per month

Ilocos garlic growers are optimistic of the prospects of the garlic industry as they are about to market peeled and powdered garlic to Jollibee and Splash Foods Corp at 13.5 metric tons (MT) per month. The Sinait Garlic Center of the North Producers Cooperative (SGC-NPC) in Ilocos Sur is set to start its sale of [&hellip

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Investments in 500-1,000-hectare sweet sorghum plantation eyed for the San Carlos Bioenergy facility in Negros Occidental

The National Sweet Sorghum Program (NSSP) is consolidating investments for a 500 to 1,000-hectare land for sweet sorghum as bioethanol feedstock which has a ready market in the San Carlos Bioenergy Inc. (SCBI). At a production cost of P45,000 to P55,000 per hectare, the plantation will require a low investment of P22.5 million (500 hectares) [&hellip

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Phils to hit 400 MT of fancy rice export by end-2013 as it sent off 100 MT Dona Maria rice to Dubai last October 24

The Philippines is hitting 400 metric tons (MT) of fancy rice export by the end of 2013 as it just sent off 100 MT of the Dona Maria hybrid rice to Dubai, aiding Philippines to exceed export target by 300 percent. The export to Dubai, to be distributed via a big international retail chain, is [&hellip

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Successful distribution of Bt corn leads Philippines to corn export of potentially 50,000-100,000 MT to South Korea, Malaysia

The successful distribution of the Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) corn has beefed up Philippines’ corn production leading to a potential export of 50,000 to 100,000 metric tons (MT) of grains possibly to South Korea and Malaysia. The country has so far exported 467 MT of corn silage this year to South Korea. Ploughshares Inc. exported to [&hellip

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Sweet Corn Production Guide

Sweet corn, table corn, or sugar corn, is one of the sweetest, most important staple crop next to rice. Scientifically, sweet corn is called Zea mays rugosa, a cultivar of field corn (Zea mays L.). Production of special types of corn such as popcorn, waxy (or glutinous) corn, high lysine/tryptophan corn, and sweet corn was [&hellip

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There is gold in tomatoes

Tomato is one of the most cultivated vegetables worldwide and is extensively grown as a secondary crop especially in rice and corn-based farming systems. Consumption of tomato continues to increase due to its health benefits and wide variety of uses. It is an important element in cooking and as sidings in food preparation and as [&hellip

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DA to respect farmers’ decision to plant GM corn as PHils is seen to export 100,000 tons of corn this year due to increased production from GM corn

The Department of Agriculture (DA) will respect the decision of farmers to plant genetically modified (GM) corn even as the country is seen to export 100,000 metric tons (MT) of corn this year owing to increased production from GM corn. Farmers who choose to plant GM corn will not be stopped by the government. “We [&hellip

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Philippines-developed hybrid rice contributes to Bangladesh’s non-importation of rice in 2013

A Philippines-developed hybrid rice has captured 20 percent of Bangladesh’s hybrid rice market share, contributing to this developing country’s non-importation of rice in 2013. Since the initial production of seeds in 2006, SL-8H seeds now occupy a significant share in Bangladesh’s hybrid rice seed supply, surpassing performance of imported seeds from China and India. “SL-8 [&hellip

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